TN Thread: Now hiring managers and shift leaders

TN Thread: Where iQuick sucks at coming up with witty thread titles!

Sucks to see you leave the home team, but please make dat cheddah! Get you a ring while your at it!!! I will see you soon enough at a major!

Its only been a week and some change but it seems like I havent seen any of you guys in a good minute.

lookin forward to the ranbat tonite

last thread title was win btw…dunno about this one…but I’m braindead on suggestions. so fukkit.

I’m thinking about changing my gamertag, but can’t decide between “Turboman Doll”, “Billy Nooooooo”, or “Det. John Kimble”. Gah decisions!!!

Glad someone else is enjoying it like I am.

The farther you get into the story too, the more the texts and such REALLY affect the storyline. I was really surprised (though I shouldn’t have been, the Persona guys did this game too) that it means to much and can change so much of the storyline.

Also, stay FAR away from hard mode unless you REALLY enjoy puzzle games. You can mess up, you will mess up and it will kill you. Most of the time one mistake you can recover from, but if you get to pushing/pulling blocks like crazy then you’re just going to have to go throw Vincent off the ledge and try again.

Seriously, unless you don’t mind using a guide or you’re really good at puzzle games, stay away from Hard mode everyone.

TN thread: State-wide EVO party! Bring women.

Jason Wilson in about 30 years at the end of the video, lol

Shit, I thought that was him NOW…

So there’s apparently no way for me to change the thread title outside of getting a moderator to do it. This is bad juju.

This one wins.

Speaking of Catherine, have you guys seen the collector’s edition? Hell, just seeing some of that stuff alone makes me want to pick it up.

I wanna go to EVO one year just so everybody would be like, “Who’s this guy with his own chair? OH GOD HE’S BODYING EVERYTHING!” And then I get sponsored by Andy Capps Hot Fries.

I spoke to someone about it shorty after the forum change, and I was told we’ll regain the ability to change thread titles after EVO. It had something to do with a new forum plugin.

I’m actually wearing the boxers and shirt right now. My french teacher loved the shirt.

Lawl, that’s awesome. I think I’ll go to GameStop today and order a special edition. Knowing my luck, they’ll already have one for me. The manager knows me too well sometimes.

I will most likely NOT make it to fight night tonight. I’m feeling very ill. Have fun with the ranbat.

Squabb, Jas, please give me a call when you guys have a chance. Thank you.

Damn, I didnt even make it to the voting stage for that art contest… Heres the list of people that did though.

Tennessee thread:When hungry hippos and Gorillas invade Jas’s party in a theater near you!

Wont be at fight night tonight but i’ll be at the after party. Don’t forget ppl those of you who are gonna be at fight night tonight and are coming saturday to the party get with squabb before you leave.

This saturday I make the following challenges:
Chris ft5 in ae your Yang vs my Viper= loser has to chug 3 shots back to back!
Patrick ft5 in mvc3= loser has to chug 3 shots and do the Doom handshake with one of the girls there lmao!
Phil ft5 in Trojan=loser has to chug 3 shots and forever retire fg’s lol

mvc2 while i’m drunk as fuck and i’m running team in yo mouff! Colossus,ken,thanos. who want it???

BTW i’m already training for all of my battles that night including hungry hungry hippos

Also gotta prepare so someone can get gorilla that night lmao!

So uhh… Since there’s going to be literally like 9 people (all in top 15) not coming to fight night that would have participated in SF Ranbat… I’m going to postpone it until next week… Yeah, bring setups and lets play whatever tonight…

Marville Baby!

I really, really hate being sick on the job.

Duckie - that is grand news. Let us know post haste so that the thread may be redeemed.

I got you dogg. But what’s my incentive to not loose on purpose so I can get more drunk?