To all brothers in Fei-dom

I feel like our character’s forum is dead. There’s barely any activity compared to other one’s I’ve been on recently and the fei threads of the past. I think we should reorganize this specific forum just so it’s easier to discuss and trade useful tips and newly discovered knowledge, whether it’s matchups, setups etc. More importantly, just make it so it’s exciting to come on here and read what’s recently been added since you went to work, school or wherever.

It sucks coming on here recently as opposed to the past when i would just scroll across the threads back from vanilla days (when i didnt have an account lol) cause it feels like there’s no life in here. We got a shitload of cool people on here that KNOW what they’re talking about. I just think we could do this fams, and put back the fun/learning experience around here. Regardless, comment on how you feel, either way it’ll get us back on track. 8)

Its probably because everything is figured out about Fei, haven’t seen anything new for a long time.

I feel like that’s probably what it is bro. Then again, there’s always room for improvement. So there should always be something to talk about. Like there’s barely any matchup tips against certain characters on the forum, so we can always have something to work on.

[LEFT]Probably for reasons like Hiten said. Other than when ever the Fantastic Nevillebamshew comes up with and shares videos of neat little tricks and setups in the Lab thread, there really is not much left of Fei Long to dissect. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]At this point, I feel the only thing that wouldn’t feel like we’re just going in circles, would be us Not-So-Mago/Fuudo players posting our own on/offline matches to get others’ input. I would like to see the specific character match-up threads become a little more active, too. Though I guess we’d need more new Fei Long users posting to see that happen, or just more Fei Long players posting in general.[/LEFT]

Yeah, with Fei’s strength in late Super/AE ver. 2011, everything was sort of pushed to near maximum. Now it’s like our efforts have been spent, and there’s less reward so it’s a bummer.

On top of that, Marvel is fun as hell for me, tonnes of people I know are playing BB/SCV/KOF etc as well and SF, while it’s still the mainstay of tournies and streams, is just starting to seem boring while Marvel for me is just like a clusterfuck of discovery and innovation and adaptation, so I’ve been putting all my efforts into that.

On top of that I’m also playing E. Ryu more than Fei whenever put my AE disc in, so I’m hardly in training mode with Fei at all. I went to a tourney here in the UK on saturday and everything was late by like 3 hours and I had finished and come top 16 in MvC, but I’d only played 2 matches of my AE pool out of like 6 and I had to catch a long ass train home so I just left, and I wasn’t really fussed. Having said that, I do want to start focusing a bit more on AE and start caring about it more, so maybe I’ll find some time to put some work in and contribute some time soon.

That would definitely be cool. Like a thread of matchup analysis but through video. And then from there we could break down step-by-step the pro’s and con’s of the player’s approach or just Fei’s advantages/disadvantages in the matchup.

MvC seemed like it’s just getting the first link in and then decimating with combos, I don’t really like that style of play so I’m confused when you say you’re discovery new innovations in a title like that, mind elaborating a bit?

Definitely gonna get Soul Caliber, Mitsirugi and Kilik have always been my mains, hope they’re good…

I’m a new Fei player btw–coming from Ken, and having a bit of trouble getting his rekkas to link without using the st.lp. I really want to get this combo down because the st.lp doesn’t hit on all characters, so some friendly practice would be nice.

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I am moving from dudley to fei for now - so I will def keep a lot of the threads active lol for that knowledge on frames/match ups

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Fei’s combos and setups have pretty much been figured out. He’s a pretty linear powerhouse that wants in and wants to stay in.

I’m getting interested in Tenshin alot lately, as its rarely seen, and only seems to be useful once in a match (or even a set unless you can mindfuck an opponent, or score some tricky FADC that won’t be thrown or DP’d out of).

I’ve been playing Fei for a few years now, and I’m of the opinion that he wasn’t as garbage as he was made out to be in SF4… the Damage reductions and increase oon punishable rekkas have likely dropped his popularity amongst people trying to jump on the powerhouse he was in SSF4 and AE. AE2012 gives us a solid high tier Fei (though I really don’t like the usage of tiers), that requires alot more than autopilot rekka pressure.

I’ve been branching into Dhalsim lately, cause he compliments the style of play I initially took on with Fei, as a counter poker. Fei taught me aggression in SF when I finally embraced him and learned that Fei is meant to dance outside your opponents’ comfort zone, whereas alot of newer players wanna sit back and wait for you to mess up. You have to make the opponent mes up with Fei, and get the Rekka for corner traps, or at least a little chip.

I’d like Character specific breakdowns as well. Until I posted in the Fei newbie thread the Bison match was always hell for me, unless the Bison was just as horrible as I. Its hard to get that going, cause usually, I can only play online, as the scene where I live isn’t too big, and there, there is a limited range of characters… I entered a 2v2 tourney with a friend of mine… we were a Seth / Fei team, shoulda been good to cover the spread of characters as far as I can tell… but we both ran up against different Blanka players who ate us up… simply cause I haven’t played many Blankas.

Lets post up characters we have trouble against, why, and various was to deal with things that are viable with Fei’s shortcomings. . .

Hope that was sensible posting

That entire comment made sense, from the depth of Fei, to how Bison gave me hell also (lmao). Seriously, We all should start getting into character matchups more then. That seems to be one of the things we can **DEFINITELY ** continue discussing because there’s no threads updated with 2012 matchups!

My main problematic matchups in order:

]Dhalsim !!
[] Cammy
So who’s going to make this new thread so we can reunite? 8)

Well I think the first thing you need to understand about Marvel is that everything in it is bullshit. So you set out finding characters you like and building a team, and from there you look at DHC synergies, comboing from various situations like throws using assists, safe pressure strings, making your team as bullshit as possible etc. Then on top of that you’re trying to figure out the absolute max damage possibilities for your team and weighing up their risk reward etc. Then you’re learning basic Marvel fundamentals like movement, knowing when to tech and air-throw, getting past addvancing guard, XF cancelling, footsies for when playing as characters with less bullshit, dealing with bullshit, learning what certain characters want to do, and learning how to counter or block unreactable mixups by expecting them etc.

I’ve only been playing it since november when Ultimate came out, but I’m already pretty good considering the time I’ve had to learn it thanks to how interested I’ve been in it and how much time I’ve spent in training mode, I just need more player experience and some matchup experience too.

But then I might think, “Hey why not switch out Iron Fist and shove in x/y/z?”, and then I’ll play about with it for half and hour or more, switching orders around and playing with assists, and learn things, because Marvel is a big game of “What if?”. With AE it’s like there’s not much more to be squeezed in the grand scheme of the game’s life, which makes me sad.

I think its the game , not just Fei Long. It turns out balancing the thing actually makes there less to talk about, less to bitch about, less to get excited about…o_O

He’s been stripped of his tricks, so he’s pretty basic now. I help out where I can but I think branching out into new characters is a good thing now that everyone is quite competitive bar some slight derp from a handful of characters. I’ll still run Fei forever.

I can help you on your matches when I get time, your list isn’t too tricky, apart from the dreaded Vega. (and a little bit of chun)

I’ve been playing fei for about a week now and I’d really like a relevant matchup thread. The stickied one doesn’t even have any info for some matchups that I could find (juri) etc.

Juri’s not bad, You’ll be ok mate. I think I might put a Fei Long Match up thread together just to pass time and share knowledge. We are getting deep into this game now, people should know shit.

Please do cause i swear to whatever deity there is, if i lose to another Balrog…

I’m pissed fei’s not gonna be in sfxt. I love rekkas. Anyone know who’s gonna be the most similar to him in playstyle?

Working on match-ups is a good way to engage people. We can build on KobraKun’s master guide where he has made links for specific match-ups. As far as new tech nev’s thread does the job.

I play a few good (one amazing) Juri’s frequently. Tell me the problems you’re having Show,

Sounds good. I’ll meet you guys there lol