Im still reppin the old man til my disc breaks- SFxT is ok but , nothing satisfies me like some ANSATSUKEN

If I havent seen you on xbl yet please find me add me and get at me…



I’m not given up either. Haven’t ever found a character I’ve liked more in all my years playing fighters. Also, I still think Gouken is beastly in 2012. Nothing quite like playing super tight, not giving up an inch, punishing every mistake with a bone crunching combo, and ending with a psychic Kongo. Damn I love this game.


i bought xtekken not too long after release and i hardly play the damn thing because gouken is not in it. how do you have the sensei’s of ken and ryu make his debut in sf4 and stop or take a break there? i thought it would have been cool to have gouken go heads up with heihachi no because their old as fuck, but their status too. whatever, stupid ass glitches and problems on xbl anyways. what system you play on techo?


PC sir.


hey man ive been offline for a while, is it cool to add you?


I REALLY need some assistance with my Gouken, would prefer someone in europe as im in London but ANY good goukens
that wouldnt mind sparring with me would be appreciated.


In my opinion Gouken vs Gouken teaches you how to fight Gouken. He’s such a unique character and also an Anti-Gouken character.
So sparring might help your basic gameplay (Which might be hard if the Gouken your versus is all over you like Me over a bowl of Jelly. Which is often the best way to play Gouken if you smell hesistation) or to work out your Gouken matchup specifics.
There my thoughts though, maybe sparring will be good for you.

Perhaps show replays of matches you want critiqued aswell to see how you play vs certain matchups, this can also be done on the PSN/360.
Speaking of which, which one are you on.

I live in Coventry (UK) so your in my main city, so our connection should be good.
I’m on the PSN : Black-Toof if you’d like to try.


Keep that pride up. I’ve been repping the old timer since I unlocked him in vanilla. Sometimes I play Ryu to keep my overall fundamentals sharp but the Gouken blood runs too thick thru my veins to go anywhere near giving up on the character. Winning with him feels too rewarding!


I remember back in super we played a bit…add me anyways as Im sure theres some tech youd like to peep.


To takin and EDDIEW

My xboxlive is currently super shit. I cannot stay connected for more than 30 or so mins on XBL even though my internet is fine and all laptops and the other xbox my roommate has have no problem. Haven’t been able to play for any decent amount of time.


Am I the only that gets great connections on PC and 360 but crap ones on PSN? It’s annoying the hell out of me.