To all Honda players. Speak up or shut up!

Now’s the time to speak up or shut up, we need buffs bad if we want to stay in the game. I’m tired of getting beat by shitty players who abuse the system mechanics that our character has no option for. I refuse to drop down a few tier levels because Capcom keeps taking a dookie on us.

Speak up now!

More Damage
Better Jump Ins
More Damage

And More fucking damage!

                Monsieur Shin Nihon Kikaku.

great posts already man. would be great if we could get Hoodaman, Coungster, and Mike to comment as well, not sure how well you know those guys personally. i hope capcom is doing the same thing on the japanese / korean side of things.

I second Mr.Snk - now it’s not the time to be shy. Remember - Ask and you shall receive.
We all should go to capcom unity and ask for buffs.
I also think maybe we could discuss here what to ask for - if everybody is asking something else, I think we have less chances to get something.
For example - I’m not sure why everybody is asking for a buff to Ultra 2 - I’m not sure if something can be done for U2, enough so U2 to become usefull. Capcom nerfed it in AE - so the best scenario would be to return it to Super - but that means - horrible range, and 720 motion. I’m not sure how usefull this ultra was in Super - it seems to me something more gimmick than an actual tool.
Plus, it’s very possible to receive a worse version of Super U2, so frankly I’m not sure if this one is worth the effort. Maybe we should concentrate on something else.

I don’t think posting ourselves in a huge thread full of random people who don’t know jack plus people who hate Honda and want him out is going to do anything.

On the other hand, here there is a good share of well known people with tournament experience. You should try to contact the moderators or something yourselves.

By the way, I remember you that Ono or someone else in Capcom hates Honda, being the only explication of why is the only character from SF2 missing SFxT.

The solution to Honda´s U2 is easy, get it back to 0 frames and just turn the damage down to something similar to a cr lp HHS HK combo so you get a solid punish move and have some very interesting resets.

That and change the motion to double forward so you can use it while holding back, right now having to hold forward is unnatural to a Honda player.

Didn’t Capcom omit Honda because doing hands would interfere with boost combos or whatever they’re called in that game?

I don’t play SFxT (obviously) but I would rather have no Honda than a Honda with hands changed to a quarter circle motion. Doing hands is what makes this character so unique and enjoyable.

A few scrubby questions:

How crazy and broken would it be to change Ultra 2 to an anti-air command grab? Presumably with significantly lower damage.
Can you do anything to EX Oichio that would allow for more setups afterwards? Maybe force it to create uniquely longer knockdowns or shorten its recovery?
Would nerfs to top tiers or changes to system mechanics (like unblockable setups) help move Honda up the tierlist passively sufficiently to keep him competitive?

This game is tailor made for KD mixup characters. There’s nothing you can give Honda to help in a 2013 patch other than damage buffs.

I’m not really sure what do you mean by antiair cmd grab. Anything making Ultra 2 more usefull would be good, but Honda has solid antiairs, so I’m not sure if adding one more should be a priority.
Ex Oicho: it can be done easily. Right now, after a successfull Oicho the opponent recovers 26 frames after Honda. Capcom could simply increase the amount of frames. But I would preffer a different change to Ex Oicho - adding some invincible frames. Honda is not about kd, so I preffer something more in line with the character archetype.
Definetelly. If Capcom decides to nerf the top tiers, Honda will move up the tier list. Seth, Fei and Akuma are all bad matches for Honda, nerfing them would make Honda stronger. But I honestly preffer top tiers to be left (mostly) alone, and buff the rest of the cast (including honda).

Darn, I just wanted to post some suggestions at capcom unity, but the threads are closed >.<
Really wanted to contribute and post on increasing his U2 range.

Sorry, guys

Honda only has solid anti-airs when he has both charge and meter. When he has just charge, he has decent anti-airs and when he has no charge he has poor, situational anti-airs. That means that as soon as he takes a step forward, he’s vulnerable to jump-ins. Giving him something that is reliable without charge will open up a lot of footsie options and will allow him to walk forward without fear.

The thing is, I’m not sure if we want that, because that would be a fairly major change to his playstyle. Having to take a risk to move forward is part of what makes Honda Honda.

On the other hand, I don’t want to see them revert Ultra 2 to Super status since that’s just plain lazy balancing. However making even more major changes that require new animations or voice acting is totally unrealistic since the cost required to do that will be absolutely huge and in no way will Capcom be willing to spend that. The only realistic changes I expect in the patch are changes that can be done with fairly minor adjustments that don’t involve art or animation or anything like that. So that puts Honda players into a bit of a dilemma, since I can’t see a way to make Ultra 2 useful without reverting it to Super status. Which is why I’m looking at crazy ideas… Maybe a double QCF motion and more range?

I also don’t see how adding a 5-frame reversal grab will be any different from having an 8-frame reversal, he’ll still be vulnerable to a ton of safejump setups all day long. Though throw invulnerability as was suggested would be pretty good.

Realistically, the best we can hope for is some hitbox adjustments and a damage boost all-around. Considering that his matchups will likely improve as top tiers get nerfed and unblockable setups get removed, small boosts to hiboxes and damage can put him back into (relatively) good standing. He’ll never be a top tier character by design, but he could be competitive, and of course he could make noobs whine about him even more than they do already, which is great.

Anyway, just some drunken thoughts.

I guarantee all we are going to see is a slight damage buff to honda. No change to oicho or ultra 2. low tiers will get buffed, top tier will remain the same. i think honda is just going to die quicker against his buffed damage low-tier matchups. i dont see them nerfing top tier at all, can’t really change cammy except maybe a slight damage nerf and maybe a slight slight akuma health nerf. can’t really do much about seth his health is already so low and his damage isn’t even that high. maybe make recovery on his booms 2 frames more or something.

This was the thing that I hated the most about playing Honda. I’d want to get up off my ass and play, but I’d just get jumped at. When watching high lvl Hondas, I’m not really sure why they don’t get jumped at when not charged more often. Preemptive jump backs and n.fierces can get you killed just as fast if the opponent is ready for them.