To all my fellow pad players...why arent there any T.E PADS?


[LEFT]OK over the years i have bought numerous mad catz pads. When i found out they were coming out with a 6 button layout pad with an improved d pad that was better than the xbox 360s i was very excited, and have been using them ever since. But over the years and about 6 or 7 pads later Ive noticed they are made very cheaply and seem like they aren’t built to last like the arcade sticks that they put out. Ive had to switch out mother boards from other pads because the d pad gives out over time and cannot be swapped out like joysticks can on arcade sticks.I just don’t understand why mad catz can’t release a more upscale line of pads for serious pad players like they do for stick players like the T.E stick with interchangeable parts that can be replaced when they give out. I’ll admit the pads get better each time, but still there are a few things that can be made alot better. I’m planning on doing a more in depth review for all three pads coming soon, for the original round one ssf4 mad catz fight pads, round 2 ssf4 pads and the new street fighter x tekken pads as well. Please let me know your feedback on your experience with all of the mad catz fight pads[/LEFT]

Thanks guys


“Motherboard” replacement?

Are you talking about the PCB, or the rubber membrane?


I’m talking about the motherboard itself the green insert that controls the whole pad


Yup, its a shame and I’ve contacted Markman on twitter about making better pads. Thats the best we can do for now, i guess. I love the pad for the first few months but then the Dpad gets “squishy” especially around the corners and the kinda become unusable. :confused: I’ve owned 6 of these things now…they aren’t built to last serious play for more than 6 months tops. I took a picture for my twitter because just last week I was complaining about these things. I am going to need to buy a new 360 one very soon…Atleast they’re cheap now at gamestop ($20)

That silver one in the back was my attempt at fixing two broken ones I had by combining the parts that still worked on them. (Dpad messed up on one, 3P button messed up on the other.) And the PS3 one I only bought for ECT.

If hori made its fighting commander pro for 360 I’d be all over that. The PDP pad is ass too. :confused: this is my only option! So lets try and get a better pad product made.


I’m sure you can ask for controller membranes in the Trading outlet as various modders tend to just chuck them aside when doing a dual mod.

The next evolution in fighting pads will most likely be an extension of what MCZ did with the MLG Pro with interchangeable Dpad/analogs, but I dont see them moving away from membranes for the buttons any time soon.


Why doesn’t SEGA just make more Saturn pads?

Maybe even put the analog sticks on the bottom and make more modern shoulder buttons…


Never been a fan of the MadCatz Fightpad. Hopefully, Hori will release the Fighting Commander 4 soon, replace the shoulder buttons of the current one and remove the adjustable d-pad feature, just make a damn good d-pad.

Or what Smashbro29 said :slight_smile:


I’ve heard good things about the Hori fighting commander if you fancy another option.


There you go lol


Only one dated looking analog, no shoulder buttons, looks pretty shitty all around and not at all Saturn level quality. Get it out of my sight.


OP, I agree with you completely man. I’ve bought 4 of these things already, not including the one I took back to the store due to a malfunctioning d-pad (go figure). I’m still waiting for them to come out with a wired version for PS3; the wireless controller is costing me money in batteries and it gives me random inputs sometimes. I’ve seen the mvc3 octagonal gate numbs, and they’re very awkward to use. The new SFxT version is smaller, which sucks for people like me with big hands.

The d-pad is the best I’ve ever used on a controller. It’s not stiff or linear and I can easily roll around the diagonals without having to stress them. The quality of the pads seem random, with some performing/lasting better than others. I wish Mad catz would take time to make a high-quality TE version that’s top-notch.

BTW, I voted yes and no just because I could. If they make a TE edition, it better be worth the extra money, otherwise they can forget it.


I too am a pad player. After SFIV I got a Chun-Li pad and when Super dropped I picked up a Cammy pad. That’s still the main one I use. I also have one of the Chun-Li/Cammy and Bob/Julia pads which I bought when I picked up my copy of SFxT. Maybe it’s just me, but I find the pads last for me. My three-year-old Chun-Li still works well and like I said, I main on the Cammy one.

Still, if MadCatz did a premium pad that let me do some customization, I would really dig that. Lastly, I’ve seen the Hori Fighting Commander. It just looks quite unappealing to me.


Good lord. I would stop after the second one. Get a modded Saturn pad or a converter for PS3.


The PS3 version of the SFxT is wired this time I really doubt they ever go back to the older bigger pads


It looks like a blister monster. I can see myself kneading away at the d-pad to do those long inputs. One thing I like about the mad catz fightpad is that the d-pad is about a cm thick so you can move it around with ease. It’s almost like a joystick for your thumb.

Yea I saw it at the store. I was thinking of giving it a try but then I examined the new size. It looks like a damn banana.


I haven’t played on one of the Horis, but the D-Pad looks like more of a thumb-buster than the PS1 D-Pad was. I really like the ones on the MadCatz since they are quite comfortable and very flexible; like you said, it’s like a joystick for your thumb.

As for the SFxT pad, if you’re used to the first pads, these take some getting used to. They are smaller, the angle of the controller is a bit different, and the buttons are arranged at a slightly different cut, too. Once I adjusted to that, I was satisfied with it. Still, I spent three years playing on the SF pads, so those are second nature to me.


not much of a fan of Fightpads outside for using the PCB for Sticks.

D-Pad was nice and large, but felt odd during gameplay. Thus making it inaccurate as fuck to me…I’d like to see the Controller evolve(former pad warrior). Adding a small thumb stick would be a good alternative…maybe use those MLG Pro Controller modules swappable with Future fightpads? Buttons actually felt right in size, but again. When actually playing felt like I had to really show each button who was the head mother fucker in charge…I’d like to see them swapped out with something simular to what Razer has in their Onza brand controllers. Those things are fucking responsive as fuck. I think Pad players, once they tried them, would love them.


The “motherboard” (PCB) shouldn’t give out.
I think you’re confusing the functions of the rubber membrane with the PCB.

Made by ASCII, licensed by Sega = Saturn-level quality. And it has shoulder buttons.

However, IIRC it’s USB and only works on the PS2 Seaman game.


My guess is that Mad Catz hasn’t released a TE version of a fightpad because of the amount of sales of the normal fightpads isn’t enough to prove that investing time and resources into a high-end pad would prove to be profitable enough. I’m not hating on pads, just trying to think about it the same way a person with enough power to make it happen at MadCatz.


Put mechanical switches under the buttons. Then stick players can start paying attention to your button inputs. Maybe removable d-pads, similar to the ones in the MLG Pad.