To all of Team Fantasy

I’m sorry that i haven’t been sportin the team fantasy logo…i see that we got a couple new members…but I just got my computer reformated…and now i have to do a lot of stuff…i’m at my dad’s house right now…so when i get back to my house i’m gonna make one asap!

I’m especially sorry to Tonbarry…who has been talking to me about being on TF as well…so…i know that i’m probabbly gonna get flamed or something…but sorry guys…i’m letting you down.

I’ll come with a TF av on Monday…promise.

np man i can understand bout comps being gay,etc mine was for like 2 weeks :(…

Whoa there is two teams??

Infinity and Fantasy???

Tag battle between the two!

EDIT - Sorry i’m a little bored. =P

:lol: welcome to a 2 months ago :smiley: :lol: Just kidding. That would be a cool idea to have a tag battle between the two :smiley:

<–Team Infiniti

Oh, just for fun tag battle, I can be like…the CvS2 announcer if you guys need one.

What’s better?

Living a fantasy or Living for infinity???

Or how about living an infinite fantasy???


Mr.Peanuts goes head to head with Mr.Smudge

:lol: haha thats funny…hmm a tag battle its up ta mr tonbarry king.

Team what, now?:confused:

Why you block me?! I was going to hook you up, if you never liked I could’ve gotten rid of her. =(

I was talking about her and my aol kicked me off. Now I’m still having problems.:bluu:

She’s into women and men! All the woman you’ll ever need! AIM is screwy anyways. =(

I sure wish Tonbarry would aknowledge my thead:(

A tag battle!!! I was actually trying to motivate Tonbarry into a battle bout TEAM HATE stealing our borders…what up wit that TEAM HATE???

Thanks for changing yur borders…


I still wish Twitch, H.King, and Tonbarry would post something!

Well well if it isn’t my good friend mike,don’t sweat it kid it’s no biggie.I’ll make you one if you want,and i see that you’re with your old man good stuff.And your health seems good too,happy for you bud.

Edit: Did one of you mods delete my post?.

i think it would be cool for us to have a team vs team battle.

<------unofficial team infinity logo (the little circle with the t and I combined in one letter).

Its aight Mick how are you feeling?:slight_smile:

my father just passed away:(

but its aight ill be sporting a new team fantasy avatar soon 2 empire arcadia logo is too nice tho:p

Ton where the fuck are you your never on msn or aim hit me up man:D

I’m feeling good man…as you can see from my av i don’t got no more ps7…so that sucks

Thats sad to hear twitch…srry man

And where teh hell is Tonbarry!? That guy is having to much fun with his summer!

Good to hear your alright :slight_smile:

Im gonna start a request thread real soon but i suck y’know…:frowning: