i play mvc2 on the dreamcast pad but no matter how hard i try those sticks players have an advantage over pad players…but then again i have beaten many stick players and good ones…they may be no jwong but they new there stuff…on marvel i can rom, resets, sent unblockable beam, and all the good stuff…many people think pad players are a joke’s!!! hey i can understand why but to be a good pad player they really have to stand out because there are lots of low level pad players…i have recently started learning the stick but somethings it seems to hard but i have been told by other good players that i can be so much better on the stick…why??though i have a hard time doing the rom or uppercuts but when i have a pad i can rom and everything else also beat them or at least hang with them…so why do stick players have an advantage over pad players or does it come down to the player and there skill…:wonder:

jesus christ.

  1. The button layout of a stick allows you to hit more buttons at a time than the pad layout, and you can also hit buttons much faster. And transitioning from one set of buttons to another is completely seamless on a stick, but on a pad you have to twist and contort your wrist into weird positions, and placing your wrist back into neutral position will waste needless time. This all makes pulling off button sequences vastly easier and more effective than on a pad.

  2. Sticks are more accurate than pads. And physically speaking you should be able to move your wrist much faster than you can move your thumb. So sticks end up being more faster and accurate than a pad, the only reason it may seem hard is because you have greater control over your thumb than your wrist. But with practice you will gain the same kind of control over your wrist…

So sticks are superior to pads for completely logical reasons. The button layout makes pulling off sequences much easier, and sticks are more accurate and faster than pads.

As much as I’d love to hear some pad success stories it won’t happen. They just aren’t built for 2D fighters or fighters in general for that matter. Try dashing with the analog. Tough, huh? But try doing a 360 with the d-pad. Not only does it hurt but it rarely works. You can try to get the best of both by switching back and forth, but then you’d be wasting time moving your thumb.

But I still feel the innate urge to practice kara-RD in SF3 on my 360 remote.

BTW: that splurge you call a post is a burden on the eyes, use proper punctuation and spelling. Please don’t use ellipsis every other sentence.

What this guy said pretty much. I think the OP just needs to get a home stick and break it in like I did and he will son ask “How the fuck did I ever play on a pad?”

To ALL PAD PLAYERS OUT THERE… learn stick. I don’t care when but do it. It generally feels better than a pad. I’ve been playing pad for a while and I do play pad at most tournaments cause my stick skills aren’t that good yet (fuck up QCF/QCB x2 and DP’s all the time :sweat:). Keep playing pad if you’re not ready but please try stick out at least once. Once you have the execution down, it’ll just feel right…

ugh, some of boys insist on playing 3s on a DC controller. I four direction d-pad. I hate it.

Sticks are just all around what the games were built for. They’re smoother, more accurate, and all the buttons are easier acces and better built for timed commands.

A good example, is how annyoing it is for me to do SRKs on trigger buttons.

It’s possbile to get good on a pad, and nobody is going to bash you for using one…unless they’re gay and immature. But dude, the majority finds sticks much superior for obvious reasons.

The OP needs to really try using sticks.

Joysticks just seem so unnecessarily bulky to me. Aren’t there (good) pros who use pads at competitions?

Many people convince themselves that they are good enough on the pad, so they don’t have to weather the transition to the stick. I used to be one of those people. I eventually grew dissatisfied and curious enough to pick up a stick (this was back in the PSX days). I had to practice long and hard, but I eventually got better on the stick than I ever was on a pad. I will never go back.

And oh yeah–being able to walk into an arcade and know what the fuck you’re doing is another obvious plus to playing on a stick.

no. shut up.

I prefer pad because its nice and compact…I cant see myself carrying a big-ass stick whenever i wanna play 3s or GG.

“As much as you’d like to hear some pad success stories it wont happen…”

Hahahaha …

Hahhaha…:rofl: :rofl:

The Saturn Ps2 pad…the best Pad there is!!!

Did you think I played on a stick???

I am a proud pad warrior…and I do enjoy beating those that take me for granted because I play on a pad…I LOVE beating them royally…

I take personal pleasure in that!

Both of y’all are seriously missing the point. You shouldn’t be picking your control scheme for cosmetic reasons, but more for practical reasons. The stick is superior for completely technical reasoning, and is outright better by logical standards. Preferring a pad just because it is smaller won’t get you any better.


I bet you’d be even better on a pad.

EDIT #2:

I meant stick :wasted: Thanks to xero15

Been lookin for those pads and can’t find shit :sad:! If you’re a pad player, you have to have a Saturn pad and a adapter or a PS2 Saturn pad. Finding original Saturn pads are quite easy but good luck finding the PS2 ones. Have a link for those that are interested:

EDIT: Geese I thought you switched to stick?

When a Pad player mashes out of tempest combo, is the day I will be impressed by pad play

I’ve been using a stick for so long, and recently i thought i’d try to play MVC2 with a pad. Gahh forget it!

Only thing i can do better with a pad than a stick, is the dashing. Much easier for quick thumb movements, than quick wrist movements. Perhaps one day i’ll finally try training myself to dash with the buttons instead.

uhhh no…im not missing the point. I dont care if “ill be better on a stick” my point is that i *want *to use pad because its comfortable to me. I already know the advantages of using stick…but, i prefer to use pad.

I’m a pad player, I consider myself pretty good with a pad, only trouble would be charge characters and anyone with good 360 attacks. Although the pad feels “Natural” to me I want to be able to play stick, since I can’t just walk into Planet Zero with my PS2 controller and start kicking ass.

Stick seems better in the long run for what I want to do, namely get my Hugo skillz down and finally get good with some charge characters.

Which is cool. It’s a preference, really.

If you know the obvious advantages of a stick, then why purposefully handicap yourself? It makes no sense. Why not just learn how to use a stick and become just as comfortable using a stick as you do with a pad, which will more importantly make you a better player in the long run.