To ALL PC SSF4AE players: Join the SSFIVAE group chat more often! (hope this takes off)

On Steam, you can access this by going to Community > super street fighter IV arcade edition forums > beside the ‘Discussions’ tab, click ‘All’ > ‘Join Group Chat’ on top right.

I noticed that no one uses this, this is the official steam group chat for ssf4. It’s really a nuisance using some sort of chat system off a web browser, or adding only a few people to play with, when you can easily just shift + tab to chat with multiple people right away.

I would advice ALL steam/GFWL SF4 players to use this, as it’ll be very useful to all players.

Few players from Steam Discussions have started showing up, It would be great if everyone can get on it so that everyone can easily find someone to discuss the game with or find challengers easily.

P.S. I’ll be mostly be there from now on.

Free bump for you good sir.

Don’t even know how to join the group.

I think op meant this group:

just wait for ultra dude