TO all who is criticizing the play smart tournaments read this please


Ive been hearing a lil but of talk thro the great vine on not supporting wat we are trying to do so listen to this,These Tournaments are something that me and my friends put 2gether to help build the fighting game community in Tacoma 1st, and breach out to the rest Northwest, it maybe small now, but ill give u guys a run down of wat were are doing…

1.WE are reorganizing the pay structure as we speak, and there is talks on getting sponsorships deals for top 3 on additional prizes, so in the long run, we want people to leave wit money AND something extra.

  1. the manager is an OG street fighter player from back in the day, he has a great respect for our community and is trying his best to get us top place prize, extension cords for sticks( so we can play on more screens), he is even looking into converters so PS3 users can enter.

3.were working on a deal to help create a membership system so members can get a discount on tournaments, and even possibly create our own league

4.There is no possibilities unless u guys show up and participate, if more players show the more we have to work wit for future tournaments, the more sponsors will want apart of it, and the bigger cash prizes we can produce

Finally look at this, were else is there a place were u can sit down and play other people on a system, on a hi def TV, wit ur own stick in an arcade environment? for more info on Play Smart u can view it here on facebook Login | Facebook

PS dont be afraid to give us an amount on how much it would take to get u out here to play


the main issue is pay structure. the 4 talking points that you point out do not address the pay structure at all.

  1. sponsors. when i see it ill believe it. and only thing sponsors can offer to this community are flights out of town to participate in other national or even internation tourneys.

  2. top prizes? play smarts is in business for cash. players also are in the business for cash. fix your pay structure. extension cords and converters are cheap and not suitable as a (TOP) prize where entry fee is 15 dollars.

  3. I assume that im gonna have to pay money for a membership. to gain a discount on tournament entry fees? isnt that the same as paying a normal entry fee? u better have additional benefits for a membership scheme, cause right now it seems like a way to rake in more money.

  4. people may participate if you fix the pay structure.


Well if you include other games beside SSF4 I might check it out.


@KrazyKoreanFrank they are re organizing pay structures as we speak i just talk to the manager who is talking to corporate about getting bigger cash prizes ASAP, as far as prizes we are talking about fighting game community friendly prizes(arcade sticks, t shirts ect) as far as Sponsors, yea i’d believe wen i’d see it too, but trust me u WILL see it, as far as Membership yes there will be additional perks mos definitely, I think u misunderstood the converter/ extension cord thing so ill explain it: Play smart intention was only to be a wireless controller place only, and there main cash cow is COD, all the X boxes are located behind the counter for safe keeping, the Idea of playing games wit joysticks wasnt even on the radar at the time, so the extension cords are gonna be there so we can play on the whole 1 side of the venue, and the converters are gonna be wen PS3 users wanna use there sticks


@X20ASTRIKEFREEDOM oh we will most definitly, Tekken 6 and Blazblue CS are on top of the list, as far as other fighting games, if we can get a good amount of people to pay ahead of time and show up, we can get any fighting game really


If you wanna talk to people about doing BBCS I suggest going to Dustloop & the PAcific Northwest thread. Even then I doubt anyone would be interested if the way payouts are handled continues to be this grimy.


yo man, you know that this is in tacoma, and the bulk of the people who are playing hardcore are in seattle and further north and east. the dirve to tacoma, better be worth it for them to make the trip. and its funny how this venue is now trying to cash in on this new “cow” because its the new hot shit that everyone is playing. washington has had many venues that have catered to us, the players, without sacrificing too much. i understand its a buisness and that they want to make money, but in order to make people want to come out, there has to be more than just gift cards and a shitty payout. gameworks has high def screens and is an arcade environment, and its conveniently located in downtown seattle, has a great happy hour for beer and a lot of top players still show up there to play VANILLA. looks like play smart is gonna have to step its game up to win with this rough crowd.


@Messatsu Orochi to be real wit u they didnt even know street fighter had a fanbase until me and my friends brought it to them, also, its not about cashing in on the hype but the players this way trying to make a name for ourselves, and oh yes I agree, the pay out situation is bogus and they are fixing that asap. I been out there to play Vanilla @ gameworks a few times as well, cant wait until they get that update either.

PS simon Gift cards are as good as cash bro,lol


The gift cards are visa gift cards so they can be used anywhere. I believe they are going this route so that they can give away prizes that are still of cash value.

I really don’t think that this is some way or form for playsmart to cash in on the Fighting Game community. I mean the majority of players that are there aren’t really in the fighting game scene up in Seattle minus CBea, who is the one that has been letting others know about what is going on in Tacoma.

When I went down to a tournament three weeks ago, I had a great time. Every person there was super chill, and while the main thing on everyone’s mind was to take down first, the overall vibe was just a bunch of guys getting together and play some street fighter. The last time I’ve even seen that vibe was when MNF’s were going on at Narrow’s.

I do agree with everyone else in regarding the prize structure, but after talking to Terrance myself they are working on trying to adjust how that works. I’m glad that people do see that it is a business and with tournaments we are taking up screens to play that could be used for normal customers. But having a set $30/$20/$10 for top 3 @ $15 a head is very steep (especially for those that might be interested in coming from the north end). Even with the free time given to use a station, that’s really only beneficial towards those that live in the area.

But personally if you aren’t really trying to make an effort to come to a smartplay tournament, then you don’t really need to post your opinion about the venue. So to KKF and to Josh, if the prize structure does come out a bit fairer, I hope that I see you guys heading down to play…so I can score a ride =p.

In the end it’s nice to see that another community is forming, hopefully we can all colab and just make team seattle even bigger. I liked what I saw down there player wise, and hope that everyone sticks to their guns and continue to play and get better.


@FrAnkDAdAnk Appreciate that alot man




When the change to the payout structure does happen, please post the specific changes made. So far from the Facebook account it is ambiguous as to what exactly (in terms of cash) they are adding to the winnable earnings for the players.

Thank you.


Sounds like what was said has been heard, now the only thing left to do is wait.

I apologize Terrance, but unless I end up carpooling with someone else going down with the current structure (Which I know you guys are working on it [hope to soon change]), I don’t think I can put my POS Jeep through an additional 135 miles after I already drive 320 miles per week for work.

Keep us in the loop and I’m sure you’ll see some constructive criticism (Not everyone is destructive) and potentially great ideas that will be compatible with your guys’s situation.

Good luck!


@Super Joe shut up Joe(jp), but naw the Facebook account is ran By CBea, he created it just so people can have an idea on wat the place looks like and wat not, but wen the pay structure situation gets fixed to please everybody (from players to the venue) then it will be posted here and on FB


^^ Good to hear. Cbea is a chill dude, haven’t seen him at a sess in awhile though.

As said before, do what ya gotta do.


T Town all Day where are the Tekken Tourneys?


<3 <3 <3


Okay man I will see you soon then! Keep on playing that Cammy. I told you she beats the shit out of Blanka.


When I heard about these tournaments from a couple friends that went to a recent one it seemed like a hustle. Your post didn’t do much to change my mind. You can’t really say you are running tournaments to build the community when you charge $15 to enter, get 20+ entrants, and then give the winner a $30 gift card. It doesn’t work that way.

I am glad to hear the pay-out structure is changing. Keep us updated.


Just to let you guys know, Terrance and I aren’t getting paid by anyone to do what we do. We try our very best in promoting these events knowing the “potential” of what it could become for the fighting game community if we put our hearts and mind to it. Do believe that if we had more control of the situation we would charge 5 bucks a head and allow casual play on all the screens (16). Unfortunately we don’t run play smart let alone even work there. Were just a couple guys with a love for the fighting game community so we decided to talk to the manager of playsmart and pitch the idea to him. So here we are still in the beginning stages of building the South end community. We obviously know the payout structure is wack but this is just our start and can only get better from here as long as we keep pushing the issue, which we are. So please, were honestly just a couple of guys trying to build something that we ENVISION lasting for years to come. A little support never hurt anyone. Well definitely keep everyone up-to-date regarding the changes in pay out structure and continue to strive towards something pleasing for the community which to us comes first. Yet again it is a business so were still in the process of negotiation. I’m part of the fighting game community as well, I have a valid perception on what would seem Coo with the community and what doesn’t seem suitable. Don’t bash, allow us to keep trying to serve the community, just chill out for a sec and I promise you well get this to work out.


U pretty much just said it, again we are NOT getting paid for this we are just 2 dudes that seen an opportunity and we are running with it for all of us, ask anybody whos been there this place has a lot of potential