To all who play ssf2 on zbattle

i was wondering, who still plays?

i’ve been playing a lot of sf3s, but i recently found my ‘PSX --> USB adapter’, and wanted to see if i’m still decent at ssf2

i remember getting owned by a lot of people, notably Atmos and DGV; i could never ‘2 out of 3’ them at all; i could only kill them for a round, and end up always losing the whole match… which would go on for series like 20-0 or 20-1… lol

i thought it was quite interesting, and am just wondering if you guys who played from '04 to '05ish still play on zbattle… if so i’ll try to catch you guys on zbattle some time

I play on there regularly

I still play there. :rock: :clap:


i just started playing on there recently and i’m hooked!
ive been playing quite a bit. ^.^

To bad I have 56k

I used to play ssf2 a lot on zbattle. Was my main game for a while.

If you see me hosting a game just join and i’ll play some with ya.

Zbattle = [|-Drac-|]

I still play. Its so fun to play someone new, own them and play them later and watch them try to mimic my moves and strats from the last time we played. Hilarious:lol:

Ow, that’s kind of harsh. If they see something effective, why not use it? I started doing Ryu and Fei Long’s meaty Low Forward, close Fierce xx fireball/rekka because of you.

I do my own moves :stuck_out_tongue: Mexican rushing style haha. I still play there if any one wants to play against me. Peace out guys!


Yeah i’m totally new to it. it seems fun so far. Much better lag than AE as well. If only vega and chunli and all their ST moves. I’m nikka1 on there btw.

Started just playing this as well. It’s fun, but I guess lag (from what I experienced with the few games so far) but it’s still pretty fun, I should be on there from time to time. I’m SSCable on there BTW!

Glad to see there are more of you joining up on Zbattle. REMEMBER TO SET YOUR MATCHES TO LATENCY 1…this will minimize the lag between players granted both are on high speed connections.

See u on the battlefield!