To all you pad warriors

Don’t know if this pad has been brought up (did a search and nothing here came up)
I ran into this and purchased it yesterday:

It is in my opinion superior to any of the other pads I’ve used (PS3, 360, Mad Catz). The build is very good, very much like the 360 pad. All the buttons and the control pad are really responsive. I like the fact that it has a + control pad rather than a round floating one because I play Guile a lot and charge moves in general are a breeze. This is a personal preference, but I like the smaller buttons (vs Mad Catz) because I have a semi-largish hand and at times have pushed the wrong buttons on accident when using my old Mad Catz. The buttons are closer to size as the 360. For you people who like using analog, it feels looser than the 360, but there is also sensitivity control.

What I don’t like… well, mostly the fact that the shoulder buttons appear both on the shoulder and the face. I would have much preferred it to be hardwired similar to the Mad Catz one even if it meant having 2 less buttons. I would rather use the shoulder buttons as the 3x punch/kick, but as it is now… I’m forced to use the triggers instead. Luckily the triggers don’t have as much action as the 360 and PS3 triggers and it will register as a button press sooner than the two. Also a con for me, is the placement of the turbo switches. I personally don’t use turbo, so they get in my way. I would have preferred start and back to be placed there instead and the turbo button as far away from sight as possible. I guess one bonus for their placement though… since they aren’t buttons, accidental pressing of start/back/select is rather difficult.

I’m definitely sticking to this pad… I play on 360 and the 360’s control pad sucks for fighting games. I’ve already had Mad Catz pads break on me… so I really don’t have faith in them. This one is built durable and feels like it will last for quite some time.

I’ve posted about this pad in other character-specific sub forums where I thought was relevant, but figured I’d share it to anyone else around here who are interested.

Stick-zealots, please refrain from just posting suggestions on using stick. I already understand stick overall is better for fighting games and for most people, but there are still some of us who prefer pads (I had a TE Fightstick, but sold it… I’d consider a quality Happ joystick if I found one at a good price).

I have the blue version and also love it. Especially useful (though not so much for fighting games) is the analog sensitivity switch. At any rate, I’ve taken up using the TE stick for SF since button pressing and charge ultras (try doing b f b f ultras on your pad consistently and you’ll see what i mean…) are much easier on it. Nonetheless, tis a solid pad.


Yea, I have the blue version as well. I just posted the black one because it has more reviews on Amazon so anyone interested might want to read their inputs as well. It’s definitely no replacement controller for anyone who prefers stick, but as of now, I’ve finally found something I like better than the Saturn control pad for fighting games.

Care to elaborate?

I use the wireless xbox360 controller, and your right about the dpad sucks on it.

I watched the below video and done what it said, obviously not with a knife, but you can sand down the edge surrounding the dpad. It does work, it stops the random jumps when pressing back and forward.


hope its helpful.

Oh yea, I’ve heard about doing this as well. I do like the 360 controller overall (minus the pad ofcourse), but I really want something with 6 facing buttons and to me, the trigger buttons on the 360 have a little too much action. When I used the 360 controller, I was forced to pretty much becoming accustomed to holding down the trigger button and releasing after the movements to pull out any of the Ultras.

I ran into that info about sanding down as well when I was trying to weigh out my options after my last FightPad died on me, I’m sure it’ll be helpful to those who prefer the 360 pad. Thanks for the input.

I use this controller for anything except fighting games.
The Madcatz fightpad is alot better for fighting games, but if you can’t get both this’ll do if your use to normal pads.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the MadCatz pad too… its just the durability I don’t like. After mine broke, I just read reviews of other people already going through 2 or 3 of them… so I didn’t feel like plunking down more money on another one. I actually have another one on its way as we speak… but I’ll probably cancel the order since I found this one yesterday. I think most people might prefer the bigger buttons on the MadCatz, but as I mentioned, my giant sausage fingers end up pushing buttons I don’t want at times.

Another thing worth mentioning, since the material on these Hori ones are similar to the 360s, it won’t leave that weird sticky film after use like the glossy MadCatz ones do.

that dpad looks suspect but i do like the analog stick for 360 for SF4 (dunno why)

D-pads kill my thumbs when using charge characters. That aside, looks like a good purchase, considering it can be used with all games.

The d-pad is rounded off enough where I didn’t feel any strain on my thumb at all. Admittedly, I grew up on the NES control pad and have earned my battle-callouses on that… so any control pad that was built after that has been a walk in the park for me.

That aside, while it can be used on all games… I don’t think I would. I’d still go back to the original 360 pad for FPS. I just like the feel of the analog on them better… however, I did notice for Street Fighter itself… the analogs on this control pad is great because of the sensitivity control. I used it just to test it out and I was keeping up with sonic booms without the accidental jumps I had with the original 360 pad.

Shuffling over to tech talk.

Just another heads up… a PS3 one that looks promising is coming out… looks like it might have a less stiff control pad. Unfortunately only 4 facing buttons.

Back, roll to forward, roll to back, roll to forward, P / K / PPP / KKK / whatever, ultra. Sorta SNK-style, or in pure SF terms, red hadoken, tornado throw, red hadoken.

Now, db/df/db/uf moves, THOSE are an argument in favor of a stick :wgrin:

soon as i can get this i’ll pick it up too

Definitely my favorite pad for the XBOX360. I’ve taken to using this more and more, for fighting games and general XBOX use. It’s like the LS-32-01 of XBOX controllers.
The PS3 counterpart (Fighting Commander 3) has one thing about I think sucks though… default layout of buttons ala the Madcatz pad, but the shoulder buttons are arranged just as they are on stock PS3 controller (which is annoying because both x3s will be on the left side).

**Also there is for alot of these controllers a slight ghosting issue.
I plan on getting a new one, hopefully mine was just one of the unlucky ones.
But like it isnt that bad really, on the analog stick it’ll randomly press a slight up sometimes, that’s pretty much it.

Oh and becareful not to spill anything on it besides water, because it’ll stick the buttons and mess them up permently even if you clean it out like a billion times.

I know that may seem obvious, just saying my friend came over and accidently spelt some Green Tea on it and my A button sticks after tons of times of opening up and cleaning it.

But yeah, I refuse to use any other controler for non fighting games besides this one on the 360, it’s a good purchase.**