To any Hawaiianers near the Mililani area!

Care to meet up?

I’m from Anchorage, Alaska and on an extended vacation here (just came back from the Philippines). I’ve blown my money on countless arcade visits and souvenirs. Before my planned date to return, though, something happened back home and now I’m forced to stay here until further notice. I have no home consoles and no job; I have nothing to do!

So, yeah. It’d be awesome to have a big meet up somewhere where we set up a TV outside at the town center. Something. Comic book shops tend to have free space that they’ll let anyone use out of kindness, don’t they?

Anyone interested?

jus go Hawaiian Brian’s and get that free bacon!

uh theres fun factory in mililani just go there or pearl ridge ill be at pearl ridge if you want to play some sf4

I have a VIP card for those places, yeah, but I was kind of hopping for playing on the console version or something. I’m short on money and I want to actually be able to practice the game in a controlled environment than waste $1.50 trying to learn my character’s cross-up.

Judging from google maps, that place is really damn far away and I have no car. I’ll see what I can do.
What do you mean “free bacon”?

Dysan, I may be able to throw something together…maybe a roof top rumble. If my freind Kimo can make it or dennis, maybe you can catch ride. no promises though. lol

free bacon= ass whippins! :bgrin:

808 bus will take you anywhere!

Why not just throw my money out the window, then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Take 52/62 and in about hour and half from mililani you can get to ala moana, which is two block away from Brian’s Billiards. It’s not that far. Plus the bus driver should get you a ticket which you can use for the way home, so with $2 you can get there. Cheaper than gas. I’m just saying though.

Transfers only last so long though and I wouldn’t fuck around with the bus on a weekend at night time, when HBB has players there. Just come down to Fun Factory at Pearlridge.