To anyone in the Atlantic South going to EVO, read this!

ok, hopefully the good mods will keep this open long enough for everyone to read this before evo. And I’m sure all the ATL SOUTH OG’s will agree with what I have to say.

Now alot of us here are going to EVO, and for alot of us (including myself) will be going for the first time. Now I’ve wanted to post a few things that’s been on my mind and I haven’t had the time to post it until now. There are a few thing I want to mention.

  1. Relax and have fun. This is the superbowl of fighting games and yes it’s gonna be crazy, but don’t get caught up in the event to where if you don’t finish top 3 or whatever you will have the worst day of your life. If you still feel nervous in anyway, keep this in mind. Alot of the big players at EVO had this game long before we even got to see this on the TV screen. So the pressure is not on us to win, IT’S ON THEM! Just keep that in mind and it should take some pressure off of you and calm you down a bit

  2. LEARN!!! learn about as much as possible. Some of us will make it to the final 32and some of us will go 2 and out, however you should never stop learning!! And there is no better place to learn and tune up your game then EVO. Don’t get flustered if you lose or you don’t make it out of your pool or whatever. Take advantage and learn from your mistakes cause you will be in an enviroment where the resources are unlimited. If your not gonna win at EVo, then level up at EVO.

and a quck note…

I’ve noticed alot of people are getting caught up about the 5 on 5 team selection. Remember guys, this is just an exhibition. Alot of you are losing focus on the real main event. I’m not gonna try to get on the team because in order for me to play for a spot I can’t use my main. I’m not gonna hinder my training for the singles tourney just to be on a team using a character thats not even my main. I just wanted to say this since some people are getting salty and are losing focus on what they really should be preparing for.

Good Luck to everyone at EVO and I hope to see you all there and get to meet everyone.


Isaac “I$AAC” Arellano

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If you didn’t do it I was. :wink: