To anyone that's ran a regional tourney

How did you go about seeding and floating? The reason I ask is because I haven’t ran a tourney of this nature before. The way I run tourneys now at Zach’s is fine for the amount of people we have, but I’m thinking it wouldn’t work for a bigger tourney where there’s out of towners coming in. I’m curious as to how to seed out of towners as well. Maybe it won’t be such an issue if there aren’t that many good Marvel players coming in from other areas outside of the NW. For clarification, I’m planning on using the top four from season three’s ranbats.

Simply rank the top seeds of each region in order, then alternate their placement in the bracket’s order. In a standard double elim bracket, 1st and second are on opposite ends. So if there are two regions–say Portland and Seattle–1st in the bracket goes to the first seed of one region, second in the bracket goes to the first seed of the other region, 3rd in the bracket goes to the 2nd of the first region, 4th in the bracket goes to the second of the second region, etc.

That way, first seed and second seed from a single region can’t possibly meet in the winner’s bracket until the winer’s finals, nor can the first seed from one region fact the first seed from the second region until the winner’s finals.

How you’d judge whether someone deserves a ranking is another issue.

Good point. Thanks Keith.

Avoid floating at all costs. If a tourney is well seeded, floating should never be necessary. An upset or two might mess up the loser’s bracket, but such is life; it’s up to the top seeds to take care of business and not face each other until they’re “supposed to” in winner’s. Make sure out-of-towners are as far apart as possible, even if they aren’t very good. A big bracket will have plenty of space for them.

This all becomes much harder with smaller turnouts. In that case, seeding just the top 2 or 4 and randomizing everything else can be ideal. Someone’s bound to get screwed, but that’s how things work out with small brackets.

Tourneys are supposed to be tourneys and just that. People complain all the time about where they are placed. Just separate people from the same region as best you can but don’t go out of your way to fix it so certain people end up in the finals. If someone is the best that day they will win no matter what. As for seeding the players from out of town put the responsibility of them to tell you who their top players are. Whatever you do don’t switch people in the brackets after the tourney starts know matter how many people complain.

i think you should find the worst players aside from me in each respective game and pair me up against them, that would be nice thanks deezo =D

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Gerald-I hear ya. Once I had people locked in I wasn’t gonna make any changes to the brackets. You’re right, someone’s gonna complain though, it’s the nature of the job heh.

i’m down aka your on aka alright aka be prepaired to NOT be ironman infinited because i will drop your ass.