To anyone using a Playstation Stick!


I just got the game today…So i have 2 nice Namco PSX arcade sticks and PS/Gamecube controller converters. When i plug in the PSX sticks, the Wii doesn’t recognize them. When I use Dualshock 2s, it works like a charm. Since I don’t have ps2 sticks, I either have to buy some or just play controller… which is ridiculous, because it is totally an arcade stick game.
Anyone else have this problem? I imagine it’s a converter issue and the converters I have don’t properly work with PSX. I would just like to know, so if i need to, I can just buy new converters that work with PSX.


Chances are good that it’s the PSX vs PS2 issue. I had issues with a PS1 converter on a PS2 stick before, so I’m guessing it can cause errors, depending on the converter.


Which convertors are you guys using?


You can always buy the Wii Hori Stick, its not that expensive.


You have to check and see if the stick is Sony PCB or not. If it is, it won’t work [neither one of my HRAP 2s will work]. I bought the Hori Wii Stick yesterday and it’s nice.

The thing is that it’s recognized a classic controller [which makes it a Wiimote attachment] AND the joystick acts as the d-pad on the controller [which means you can’t play Brawl w/ it]. Hope this helps!


It might have to do with the converter.

I think Keits mentioned the Joybox PS2/GC converters work on Hori, T5’s and PSX sticks. Might have to ask around though.

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Well I have ordered two of these:

And my stick has an official PS1 PCB. Hopefully it should be alright.


I always use Sony ps1 dualshock pcb’s and never got any problem with converters. On the wii i use “Mayflash Cube Joybox Pro” and it works nice.

The all digital pcb’s can be a problem, tried to use a digtal ps1 pad with a xbox converter a couple of years ago and it wouldn’t work.
Got a namco stick and that pcb also dosen’t work well with converters so i put in a ps1 ds instead and now it works nice


I ordered two of these for the price of one on eBay. I received my copy of TvC about half an hour ago, and am NOT enjoying trying to push Y+B to do Barouque. I need mah converters.


Are you insane man? I first started using a Wiimote Classic controller adapter, but since I don’t have one of my own I was forced to use a regular GC controller for the game. At first it kinda sucked, but now I don’t wanna go back since the GC controller works way better.
First of all, why are you using the default setup on a GC controller? If you look at the controller it has a big :snka:. A is for Assist, Sesame Street agrees. So the first thing you do is change the assist to the big A button right in the middle, after that you have all three attacks on R and i can’t remember what is in L, but I suggest changing the L trigger to A+B so that you can use it for those supers that depend on which 2 buttons you press, like the Alex stunner. Now you have a button layout where all the attacks are around a big assist button and you can easily link any attack into Baroque.
The Dpad on the GC controller is just cheap decoration, but the analog stick is responsive, haven’t had any problems using it for the inputs.


First I was using a moded tekken stick and it didn’t work but my other tekken stick did its working out pretty good.



I have a Joy Box bro and it’s not reading my HRAP 2 or my PS2 controller. :\

And I refuse to buy a wii fighting stick. those things suck.


You should get a “magic path 2” or something :stuck_out_tongue:

If i was thinking about useing anything other than Sony ps1 ds pcb’s i would have got another adapter.

I know i read somewhere (maybe the box?) that the joybox pro is for sony original pads only


Which is weird because there have been lots of people around here who are using the Joybox without issues. I ordered two myself.

From the Tech Forum:


This is really starting to piss me off.

I’ve been fighting with my converter for the past day and a half. The issue is that my converter (cube joybox pro) reads both my ps2 controllers, my logitech wireless controller, but it does NOT read my HRAP2 at all. I’ve tried everything

-totally unhooking my wii and restarting
-restarting my wii
-going into vs. mode with a ps2 controller then switching to my hrap2.
-unplugging my converter then plugging it back in before starting my wii
-unplugging and plugging back in my hrap2 before starting my wii.

Everything I can think of and my converter still isn’t reading my stick.

What the fuck?


The reason your wii won’t read arcade sticks, is because it has to recieve an analog signal.
I had the same problem when the ps3 came out.
Until pelican came out with their converter.
Somebody mentioned play-asia.
I was checking over their, and found 2 types of ps1/ps2 to wii converters.
One is called the magic path 2, it cost about 15 bucks .
The other is called the cube joybox pro, it cost about 8 bucks.
Good luck.


I doubt this is the case because there have been several people on here saying they use HRAP2’s with no issue with the same converter I’ve been using (Cube Joybox Pro)


I remember someone mentioning that some converters took longer to recognise different brands of PCB. Might not relate to your problem specifically but it’s something people have been saying…


Have you tried the hrap with other games than TVC?, like VC or gamecube.

Taken from play-asia

* Use your PlayStation or PlayStation2 controller on the Gamecube
* Play Game Cube games with a Dual Shock Joypad!
* Supports vibration function
* All buttons are fully converted
* PlayStation2 R1/R2 analog buttons supported (recognizes low or heavy push)
* New version now supporting dancing mats”

Maybe there are different versions of the adapter supporting different pcb’s.
Last line says “New version”


FUCK! I cant play in matches with a PS2 controller. I can do menus and all that shit, but once a match starts, I cant do a fucking thing. Waited 2 weeks and this. No store is even gonna be open that have classic controller, if I need that route.

This is the fucking greatest thing ever. I tell you.