To anyone what ever wondered what "Mugen" was

Special thanks to Final Showdown for finnialy getting me off my ass to do this. I was very suprised at the huge number of people at Evo that did not know what Mugen was. So for those and anyone else that is interested, i made a Single elim tournament, and here are the videos for the top 8. If there is intrest, i will post more. We’ll just have to see. Hope you all enjoy. Special thanks to Dq aka Quin Mckinny aka “Berserker” for fixing up my mugen and makin it playable.And if you have some mugen videos yud like to share please do.

DISCLAIMER: i did NOT make these charactes, stages, music, templates or ANYTHING! If you did than i thank you, and pelase do not hate, for i made no money off this, i just wanted to share the awesomeness that is Mugen

Tournament Brackets

Quarter Finals:

  1. Evil Ryu

  2. Scorpion

  3. Demetri

  4. Terry Bogard

6. Daimon

  1. Ryuji Yamazaki
  2. Evil Ken

Semi Finals:


Oh an just for fun…

Part 2 Mini 8 man tourny


1.Ogre Akuma
2.Evil Dan

3.Chomper (per KUgz request)





Hot Rod and Optomus Prie vs Scorpoin an Sub Zero

And now to show why the whale is the baddest mofo on the planet… An 8 man tounry of the most broken chracters i have, the winner of this tounry shall fight the Whale. ; ( Enjoy

1.Evil Ken
2. Ogre Akuma

4. Evil Ryu

5.Evil Dan
6. Evil Kula Diamond

  1. Perfect Weapon Sagat
  2. Master Geese



and now…The Winner of the tournament… vs …the Whale.


Link and Mario Vs. Scorpion and Sub-Zero

4 on 4
Good Vs Evil

heh, I remember mugen…the makers don’t make it anymore sadly…and I never knew how to make characters, pissed me off

sadly…mugen is better than cfj…


evil ryu is to good… damn him for being selfish though and not doing that awsome shin shoryuken.

Actually if the character-makers put the effort into it, Mugen could easily outdo CFJ. Sad isn’t it?

I thought CFJ was made with Mugen.:confused:

lol wtf is mugen anyway?!?!?!

i don’t understand this thing, someone wanna break this shit down? the matches were fucking AWESOME… like fucking great… it looks like it’s one of those flash games or something that you can add or fuck i dunno?

I feel dumber for watching that, that made SvC look good.

Wow, this is new to me, and let me say…

HOLY SHIT :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :rofl: That was fuckin’ insane. So broken, ROFL. Hahahah, that last match had me :bgrin: -faced the entire time. Evil characters have way advantage, though… 3/4 life combo off target combos starting with crouching hits? Daaaamn. XD

Mugen is awesome, makes me lmao. I wanna play it just for the outrageous factor, hahahahahaha.

No. Right.

If it weren’t for the apparent cheese factor of this particular Mugen fighter, CFE wouldn’t stand any chance.

I keep hearing this about mugen, yet I see a perfectly un-broken game, CFE, and no balanced game in existance created with M.U.G.E.N. Would you care to elaborate as to why a mugen fighter would blow CFE out of the water? Please share any particular game created with M.U.G.E.N you have in mind.

Haha that final vid was awesome.

I love mugen, I heard the one at evo was real good. Are there any vids from that one?

This is the only Mugen fighter I saw. It blew me away, besides the cheesiness of the fights.
CFE sucked, and that’s from personal experience.
It’s as simple as that. “Unbroken” doesn’t equal interesting or worthwhile.

Mugen is a character in Samurai Champloo.

There;s no reason why a Mugen fighter couldn’t be a good balanced game but there hasn’t been one yet, probably because most serious game makers would rather code their own engine with which they can do whatever they want than use Mugen. Then again, we don’t see many fan-made fighting games at all, although it seems there’s a few in development.

Man that was good shit…The Sam Sho V Level with Soul Edge Music…GENIUS…it fits in since the Soul Edge game music(during the intro) is ON a ship…Wolvy vs. Daimon made me laugh my ass off hahaha

Mugen is an application that allows you to make your own fighting games. Google it, and when you have it and need characters and stages, has a shitload. (Actually most are links to other sites that have the characters) I’m thinking about dl’ing it and making another version of Garou that has more characters, like SvC Dan and Eiji Kisaragi, in it.

By the way,

It probably was. Only some sprites were cut from the Red Earth and SF3 characters. At least Yun still had his f+HP that he was missing in CvS2. Also, at least the game wasn’t broken. It’s playable on a tournament level. I’m just pissed that Capcom didn’t bother to add Dan, Cody, or Hsien-Ko. Especially Dan. Dan is teh r0x. Kore ga Saikyo yu da! Raisho! Yahoo! OYAJI!!!

Watching them now, looks interesting. Anyone know what song is in this one? It’s Daimon vs Wolverine: