To Be Continued

A new-ish sketch by me, please feel free to post your comments / criticisms.

Hope you like…

I like it. His neck seems to be rather huge tho.

keep it up man

:karate: J.Z Good Improvment from the last works I seen of yours…keep Pluggin away my friend…hands are still a little small but its an improvment…hows the studying of the anatomy books going?

Thanks guys for the response! Sorry it wasn’t Street Fighter related though…

kz0060: I’m glad you liked it, yep - you’re right his neck is kinda tree trunk-ish, thanks for pointing that out. I will definitely consider that next time.

GUNSTARheroBLaQ: Thanks, i’m ecstatic that you think i’ve improved. To be honest, i haven’t drawn much lately and as a result i’m definitely feeling it - i’m so rusty. I do need anatomy books, which is why i’ve taken a break from Street Fighter drawing simply because there’s too much emphasis on this.

Anyway, thanks again guys.

been meaning to reply to this for a while… just never got down to doing it.

like GunStar, I see improvement - I don’t know exactly what it is, but it feels like your pic is gelling together more. I like that you can feel some of the emotion in the pic :slight_smile:

proportions still need some work, but offhand I’d say reduce the thickness of their necks (although thick necks can be reserved for your muscle-bound men) and increase the thickness in the guy’s arms & the size of his hands.

keep drawing :slight_smile: