To be fair, I'll take requests

I’m going to do this by priority. Here is the list, Wallpaper, tag, av then order of your post. Meaning, if you request a wallpaper or tag it will probably get done pretty quickly, if you request an av, probably not.

Other crap you should list: Dimensions, file size etc. I need to know how big your desktop is, or how big you want the tag, or what forum you are using the av at and also any filesize regulations.

Pick anything your heart desires and provide me some source material and it may get done. Members with an AIM name in their profile get a priority bonus. Request and flame away.

If you do not have an AIM name, I probably won’t take your request. Either PM me with it or post it up in here or have it in your profile by the time you request.

Status: Working on nothing. Avs are seeming doubtful at the moment.
Wallpaper or tag requests at this time. L1quid disqualified.


Liquid Stone isn’t a mod any more? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

yea, it’s an av for srk.
i would like a av with umm chad hugo from the neptunes, go crazy with it

Hey TG, I’d like a wallpaper made, but I want to make sure this is cool first. I had InfiniDragon make me a wallpaper a few days ago and I love it, but I’d just like to see your take on it. I’m not sure if this is considered ‘whoring’, because it’s not like anyone knows what I have on my desktop anyway. However, if this is breaking the rules, I will delete my request.

Now, if it’s okay, I’d like a 1280x1024 wallpaper with this image: LINK. Just put my name somewhere on it and do something cool with the image (you don’t have to keep the sky background if you don’t want to).

I know all you taggers take your work seriously, and I appreciate the time you put it into it. Thanks.

can you make me a wallpaper w/ this pic ? in 1024x768 size. Omit the background and the “naruto” name. As for the looks, give it a concert-type vibe but other than that knock urself out. Thanks.

can you make me a wallpaper for 1024x768 with Micheal Jackson and Q on it with the words Beat It. Preferably with them both in either Yellow or White.

AIM: NovaPrometheus

You still owe me a Chun-Li avatar!

Sure, wallpapers will be done, the avs to the back. Nothing personal Rei and Giga.

hey man, can you make me a R.mika Wallpaper? ill provide some pics and leave you to your artistic talent. much appreciated in advance.:cool:

also my wallpaper and desktop format are sized at 1024x768


one more.

That av better be something special, since you have already made me wait 4+ months!

Hey now, you chill mister. You will be lucky if I don’t make you wait another 4.

oh it’s cool tg, i can wait it’s no biggie

whoa whoa whoa, where the hell is that theory of deadman wall i wanted since like august? and my adon av? and that zero wall?

prioritize negro!

edit, you know how to get a hold of me, and where to get the sources.

Sleepy, can you PM me an AIM name if you have one?

Yeah, I was wondering about this. What happened?

He got the boot. That’s all you need to know.

Hmm. Darn no more requests for now. I was gonna request an APC wallpaper.

Thats low man, real low.