To beast or not to beast

Ok, so you’re at the arcade, and some random guy comes up to challenge you. Just by the characters they pick, you can tell that they’re noobs. Now do you beast the guy right at the outset? or do you give him a chance, get his quarter’s worth, like let him at least kill one of your characters?

For me I dont expect mercy, so I dont give mercy. When its really mismatched, then I do sometimes give a bit, like sometimes choose low-tier characs or something. My friend recently pointed out to me when I had beaten this noob, like to at least try to play to a level that they can compete against. Its not like Im that good or anything, but when I play really good people, I want them to beast my sorry ass, (figuratively speaking) I dont expect them to go easy on me. I’ve had my share of beastings, it helps you improve I say.

So what do you guys do?

Depends on my mood. Sometimes I like to play with my food. Hell, I’ll even let them win and get in line to see how the fights are going.

I wouldn’t even know if the guy was good or not in that case. So I’d probably play my best. I’m guessing you’re talking about MvC2, so if thats the case, the characters are meaningless to me. Any person can play well with any set of characters. Appearances are deceiving… :confused:

If I immediately beast on them they leave the arcade. If you give them hope they return, if they start talking trash then proceed to beast.:badboy:

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I play mostly 3S, so if they’re really nub, I practice parrying and try to parry everything, it’s fun.

Thats true :tup:

Ok, well yeah, my bad, it was an over-generalization

I give it all I got, almost all the time.

I’ve double perfected a girl once using Ken in 3s…:badboy:

Read the sig.

You are cruel!!! :sad:

I’m similar to you. Regardless of what game I’m playing, if I’m fighting against a noob, then I don’t just mess around and purposely take damage or anything, but I’ll do some random things that I wouldn’t normally attempt (such as parrying harder things in 3S) since I’m worried about messing up and getting punished for it when playing against decent people. In the end I still beat them, but they get to score some damage and feel like the match was at least worth their time.

i second that. or sometimes, if i need to test some hard ass setup/combo, and they are in a perfect situation/position, i’ll go for it.

Beasting is always fun!:tup: I try to pick a character on their character’s level or I’ll just play my main character.

Well, most of the time (unless it’s in 3S, which I’m okay in), I’m the noob getting beasted on. Not that I mind, since, hey, I challenged them.

However, what I really fuckin hate is when I’m playing against the CPU in MvC2, a game I’m an utter noob at, trying to practice, and they challenge me, and continue to UTTERLY own me. Like, they’ll watch for a minute or so, see that you’re a beginner, and then they’ll beast you, and to add insult to injury, leave right after they win and see that you won’t challenge them. I don’t get any experience, since they don’t even give me a chance, nor do they improve, so I can only assume that they’re either getting some anger off, or are losers at life.

Now, I don’t think that it’s because they want to play that game at least once more before they leave, since I usually play in Family Fun, an arcade that has SEVERAL MvC2 and 3S cabinets, most of which are usually empty when I visit on occasion. And I won’t even play on any of the big cabinets.

hey I don’t like this new look of the forum:tdown: the old one was better

about the question I just beast them if they’re talking shit:karate:

I have done that too but I did it because her boyfriend was by her side watching:bgrin:…bastard

Kind of reminds me of a episode from Genshiken… except that Kohsaka owned the guy.

Depends on my mood.

If I’m in good spirits and/or just yukking it up, I’d even let myself lose. A quarter is a small price to pay for a good time.

If I’m neutral or pissed off, I’ll play my best.

I like to play with my food…i like them to pretend they have somewhat a ray of hope of achieveing victory…then i actually start pushing buttons.