To become more skilled at this game, I don't know where to start


Can you guys help? The mission mode combos are difficult for me to do and I’m a stick user. I only managed to complete Chris’s missions out of every character I tried.

I would like to main Viewtiful Joe and I can’t do his mission 06.


dont bother posting on forums, just practice go at it for hours at time, for weeks or even months.


I’ve done that with SSF4 since it came out and I’m nowhere near good. Seriously I could use some tips at least…


go to each character you want to learn, go find their bnbs, lets say 4-5 combos per char.

Copy the combos to a notepad practice them until you don’t drop them ever.

Go to the newbie section of the forums if you have to post.


Unless you have more tactical questions, everyone here will tell you to continue practicing. It seems like the problem you have right now deals with execution. Combos are just muscle memory, and that is way different from mindgames between two good players.

I practice the same combo for my characters everyday. It may feel boring but consistency is important.

As for Joe’s mission 6:
If you have trouble timing the jump cancel after the first :m:, :m:, :h:, try playing around with just the :h: into a jump cancel. Eventually you will be able to chain an :m: immediately after the jump cancel. Try doing instant air :h:, jump cancel from the ground to practice it more easily.


You may want to start in the Basics thread, the Newbie dojo, or the Strategy thread… but the SRK Wiki/guide is also an excellent starting point.

We don’t need a new thread for everyone picking up the game. :slight_smile: