To build a wireless stick

hey, has anyone consider building a wireless stick by using the dvd remote? I know a couple of people have build a wireless sticks already (raymond with agetec mod). but I was thinking whether or not it would work using the original dvd remote from sony. I got one that I don’t really care for but i’m too lazy to do anything with it. The remote has all the necessary buttons for the joystick to work so I don’t see why not. however I tested the remote with cvs2, it seems like there’s a slight leg in pushing the buttons on the remote. especially the direction buttons. I chalk that up to the buttons on the remote. I do’nt konw if there’s lag once you solder the thing up and wire it to actual push buttons.

anyways it’s just a thought.

It might be easier and better just to hack a wireless controller.

Hacking a remote seems like a thoroughly bad idea to me, any wireless pad with radio frequency communication ought to be way more suitable than an infrared remote.

Nah it won’t work. I remember leveal saying that he bought a cheap stick that had this pcb inside it, and it didn’t work. Like he couldn’t press the buttons rapidly or something.

Yeah, you’ll need to hack a wireless pad, then get a battery pack (forget the correct term) from Radio Shack for about $4.

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