To build or not to build that is the question


I found someone selling Nubytech Street Fighter 15th anniversary stick and I’m really interested getting it but being I have SFIV for PC I was concerned with it working properly if not I was gonna go all out and get a Cthulhu and build one myself the only thing holding me back is the $20 price tag someone is selling it for. I’m sure it’ll work on a PC with the proper converter but I was kinda looking for someone who is using it for SFIV and had an general idea of response of it and such… Anyway, any info would be great thanks…


It’s $20, and it’s easily modded.

Using it for SFIV is up to you. I sometimes use my iL modded SFAC stick.


Wow 20 bucks for that stick? If you don’t want it toss it my way :P.

There are two ways you can do this. Buy an inPin from Laugh or mod it with a Cthulhu. Either way will get you a great stick.

Edit: Just reread your post. When you said response of it, do you mean how the buttons feel? If you did, you probably shouldn’t use the stick stock. You should swap out the stock parts for iL parts and it’ll feel great.


Yeha I see it goes for $150 between collectors that’s why I looked into it. If it works fine for SFIV for now then I’ll keep if it can save me work, otherwise Cthulhu is in order. Is the Cthulhu that good? or is it the ease of use? Also what’s the deal with some stick I see having RJ45 jacks? I’m gonna use USB but what is the benefit to that?


Not modding it will save you some work but it’s so easy you should just go ahead and do it.

I’m not too sure about the Cthulhu but I believe the reason it’s so popular is because it can come solderless and the kit is a lot easier to solder together than it is to padhack a ps3 pad.

RJ45 jacks are used for sticks that have a MC Cthulhu in it. If you did not have an RJ45 jack you’d have like 5 different wires coming out of your stick. The jack let’s you make detachable cables for each console you want to use the stick on. The RJ45 jack won’t help you at all since you only plan to use it for PC.


Lame! Dude flaked on me looks like I’m gonna be building my own, buying a Sanwa stick and buttons. just need to come up with a design now…