To buy this?

I got the PS1 version and play the arcade one mostly and all the games featured it in are alright. I think I’m only interested in A1, A3, and Pocket Fighters. Is it worth getting? I don’t want to get it if it’s not all that great.

It’s the BEST console Alpha game ever released.

If you play alpha, this is the one to have.

Sell the PS1 version you have and buy the PS2 version. That’s what I did.

It’s totally worth it, best ports of each alpha yet.

Cool, is A3 on it more arcade perfect than any of the other released versions?


I dunno what the specifics are, but It’s the best yet.

I’ll pick it up, it’s only $30 too.

Pocket Fighter FTW

No A2 love?:frowning:

Truthfully i got this because i played alpha 3 max on psp and really wanted a console version of alpha 3.

5 years later and this thread lives!