To chad at lizardlick


Okay, a lot of people were getting the COMPLETELY wrong idea of what I mean by all this so I’m rewriting it. What I think a good idea would be is the following. Since, according to everything I’ve read on the forums, seen/read on, and heard to a bunch of people, the most common parts (excluding the ls-32) Are Sanwa, more specifically the JLF, and the OBSF-30. So what if you combined the JLF, the OBSF-30, and a ball top into one convenient package. It would definitely have to be either just black, or white, or either black or white (not combination just all one) to be convenient for Lizardlick , not having to match colors or anything, which is important. It also be very convenient for someone wanting to mod a SE, a TE (considering the colors, I don’t see why you would do that), a HRAP3 , or any Sanwa moddable joystick really. Also considering the already made convenience in such package, a deal wouldn’t be necessary at all, something to consider though. Also i think (if you WOULD consider some perk to buying it other than convenience) It would be nice instead of a price drop to just through in a GT-Y, or a wiring harness or something to provide motivation to buy it. (NOT implying it’s necessary)

One Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK Joystick. (Obviously, the model specifically isn’t a major issue, as long as it’s a JLF)
Eight Sanwa OBSF-30, 30mm Pushbuttons (black, or white)( or OBSN-30, but it is my understanding that the snap-in is much more popular)
One Sanwa LB-35 Ball top (black, or white)

Also; I understand the value of excellent service, good prices, and good customer service, etc… that lizardlick already has, this is JUST a suggestion.

Also; I respect anyone that disagrees opinion, but please justify disagreeing with a reason other than what is stated above, or “You’re cheap”.

One more thing to add, for the people that are STILL getting the wrong idea: I’m Not saying “I’m cheap make this item cheaper”, I’m also not saying “This item is way to expensive whoever put it at this price is an idiot”, I’m saying that If you made a combination of the most popular items, in one or two generic colors, That it would be more convenient for Lizardlick, people, who want this specific combination of items (A LOT from what i hear), and people who are new to modding arcade sticks. And also if you put some sort of perk on the end (NOT NECESSARY) more people would go for it.


you sir are just cheap.
that is pretty much regular price assumming thats after tax/shipping.


Why did you make this into a thread? I realize that you thought that this was important, but I think that in the end you realized that it was better off as a PM to chad himself, or else you wouldn’t have mentioned PMs at all.




Gathering an army to low-ball a great & trusted seller into giving a discount for their already good prizes?


Why? I have never had a problem with LizardLicks prices, over anything. They are already priced reasonably, they ship incredibly fast, and Chad and his staff are very responsive. Honestly, if you don’t like it- go find somewhere else that you’ll get such a wide selection (For fucks sake, he even sells individual plunger/switch/rim combos) with all of the above.

Would I like a free sports car? Sure, who wouldn’t. But I understand the value in the services that I pay for, and Chad is no different.

I normally try to be civil in my posts, but honestly, if this cost is a problem for you- you need to either get a cheaper hobby, or get a fucking job.


Wow. People are raging over this suggestion lol. That said,it wouldn’t effect me. I like to mix and match. A basic bunde could be cool. But the prices are great inho.


I would have thought this would be better served by posting in his thread.


i know they have great service, fast shipping, etc… it was just a suggestion chill the fuck down


It’s not even for me, if it was for me, it would be a pm, and no, it was before both tax and shipping that would add about 30 dollars to where i live.


Who is raging? lol. You offered a suggestion, and we are posting our opinions on it.


As well, clearly there is shit for support, but just to make a more simple consensus ill put poll


And yet another thing to add, i said a lot of people would be happy with a deal, i didn’t say OH PACKAGE MUST MEAN DEAL. A simple convenience package still sounds nice.


Ummmm…Yes you did

That sounds like you’re asking for a deal to me:rofl:


I package that isnt a deal doesnt make it convenient for anyone. He’d have to make many packages as people like myself prefer the LS-32 but i like Sanwa buttons. There would have to be many packages to accommodate the many different needs/tastes of the consumers. Things are fine as they are.

The only thing i have a SMALL SMALL VERYYYYYYY SMALLL gripe with, is shipping. Buying one button or 8 doesnt change the shipping at all lol But thats just being nitpicky, i know to make sure i buy in bulk when i order. Prices are fine.


Shipping is what it is.

I don’t think anybody can really change it that much.

A bigger business will absorb more of the shipping costs and make it up in volume.

For a smaller business in an industry that has more dramatically fluctuating cycles I don’t think they can play the same game.

It’s a shame some people have to pay higher prices but that’s a fact of life. There are countries where the government has decided entertainment goods are frivolous and they charge taxes for it. You see it in Canada and European countries. They call it “VAT.” There’s nothing a foreign business can do about this… Goods are going to get hit with higher shipping costs because of postal rules and consumers have to pay those taxes like it or not. IF those consumers hate it that much, vote out the people who levied the VAT’s in the first place!


Saving some cash is never a bad thing. That said, I’d be happy with some free quick connects or wire lol.


This reminds me of when I worked in retail and I would periodically have the following conversation:

Customer: How much is [blank]
Me: $19.95 (for example)
Customer: Ok, and how much is it for me?
Me: $19.95

I don’t know you. Through your questioning you’ve now assured I don’t like you. Why the hell would I give you a discount? The fact that it is illegal to stab these people is a crime unto itself.


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:crybaby: You are “cheap or something”