To change or not to change

im new to streetfighter ive been playing balrog 4 about 50 hrs,whan i started i was obviously bad but got better quickly and started to win some i seem to have hit a stale zone and dont seem to be able to move forward with my game and have been strugling 4 a win.i have read alot on here about ryu being the best main for a beginer to start with, so should i start again or stick with the rog thks

Try out as many new mains as you can whilst still enjoying the game. Best way to learn matchups is to have experience trying to win with a given character.

If you feel confident or comfortable playing with Balrog at this point, I would stick with him. If you are having trouble, or you feel like you can learn a couple of things by playing someone else like Ryu, I’d say go for it.

hi thks, tried a few but the rog seemed to suit me,but just seem to have reach a platau with him

I’m not sure what level are you at, but there is always something you can learn. Can you do his jab/sweep link consistently? How about EX dash upper loop? I am not Balrog player, but he is (from what i know) one of the characters with relatively easier learning curve. I don’t really get this cap everyone seems to talk about. There is no cap, everything that is difficult about a character (and every single character has hard stuff) just takes much longer to learn. You just didn’t spend enough time practicing and that’s totally fine, just enjoy the game, but never think there is something preventing you from getting better.

You always see the most improvement the fastest when you’re first starting because there is so much to learn. Now everything you have to learn is about timing, spacing and just overall nuance of the way you approach the match.

To try to break this slump go back and watch the videos of the matches you lose and have either no idea how you lost or have no idea how you didn’t win and watcht them very closely for what happened when you took the damage leading to your defeat. When you identify the problem areas you’ll know what you need to work on.

I suggest possibly even recording some match videos and putting them in the balrog forum in the critique my balrog thread (or just the video thread if they dont have a critique thread)

I’ve hit the slump stage not too long ago. The thing is to watch your replays and analyze what your doing wrong in those matches and then try to set up those situations in Training mode.

thks for the imput everybody