To clear the rumors up about Natalie


So I have heard from a source that someone has been saying that I slept with Filipino Champ, I just want to tell you that this is totally false. We did not do anything together.

Also I heard that people were saying that Crizzle hit it too, that is again false we did not do anything together at all.
This was confirmed with crizzle that he is not the one who was spreading this lie about me, he never even heard it before.

I just want to let you know that this is really f’ed up for who ever is spreading this stuff about me. On top of that it is really disrespectful especially when I befriended all of you.

Also, is this how you guys really treat Street Fighter girls because if so then I just don’t want any part of this scene, we are not in high school no more, as far I as I know most of you cats are grown men.

So who ever is talking this shit about me I would much appreciate it if you would stop. I did not do anything with anyone at evo. All I did was do my best in SF4 and HDR.



crizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzlleee?!?!?!!? whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?!?!?

crizzle tricks!??!?!?


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Hey Natalie, Scott from Arcade Infinity, and i just wanted to chime in. it was good playing casuals with you guys at Evo and in the hotel rooms, and generally hanging out with us socal crew. Evo was way too short and you should definitely consider coming down to socal for a couple days. I guarantee that our sf4 scene is drama free :slight_smile:

it’s quite terrible that rumors start about among girls that play sf4, but at least i can tell you that most of us seasoned players are not into juvenile tactics like that. i’m sure you know that we have “people” starting rumors down here as well, and my nose is thinking that both are related somehow…

that being said,

do any of you norcal people know of this SFSU player that goes by the name Jeff?


Yes? Why?

Edit: Actually, let’s make sure we are thinking of the same Jeff.
Vietnamese. Wears Japanese pop clothing. Fluffy-ish sort of hair that stands up. Plays Gief in SF4 and Bob in Tekken 6? That Jeff?



First of all yes rumors do suck, but it is your business. People even telling you about the rumor is lame. It is your business if you slept with them or not. It is too bad that part of your EVO trip was ruined by some nonsense. Keep playing SF and fuck the lames.:tup:


Hey JuiceBox,

Its Miyuki.

Sorry this had to happen to you. It’s currently happening to me too, as I’m sure you know already. Although it did make me upset for a while, just remember that you do have friends all over. Im really honored to have been able to meet and play with you! I don’t know why but it seems that girls tend to get more crap and rumors when playing in a mostly guy-dominated community.

You played really well, thanks for the good games at UTJ’s room! Don’t let this crap keep you away from a game you love. In the end its about the games.

If you want to get some games in sometime, just send me a message and we can exchange online information for some internet games. = )

-Miyuki / Kyuri

Also… I thought your custom stick was pretty neat. = )


Grown men? Just because they’re 23 or so doesnt make them men, it just makes them grown. The rumors they’re spreading make that super obvious. Anyhow, I have no clue who you are you just happen to have the same name as my daughter so I thought I would take a look. Sorry, dont let it get you down. Fuck the dumb shit…


Hmmm, that sounds like that crazy DDR guy i met in San Jose…

Yeah, this is very much true. Dumb ass rumors usually start when people take jokes out of proportion and run with it. You’ll probably never know who truly started this, and its going to bother you for a while. But, don’t let it rule your life and turn you away from fighting games. You can’t stop gossip (entirely), so don’t let it give you gray hairs at a young age.


Thank you so much everyone I really appreciate it a lot, you all have great feedback for me and o see you guys team up to make me feel better is up lifting.

I hope I c you again Miyuki and we will get those games on. u are a really good player and so is ur friend I played too, Miyuki you one of the best so far in my book so keep it up and ya dn’t let ur rumors get to you either.

Tank you guys again, you made me feel so much better.I just want to get to the bottom of this cuz it is way not kool.


I got a Juice Box where my heart used to be. I’m so cold, I’m so cold, I’m so cold.


Brush it off and keep playing. No reason to get all worked up about it, it just gets to you in the long run.


On the real tip… who hit it?



Natalie ! Thanks for coming to chill in our room ! We were hella loaded …hahahaha our pic will be up soon . I will let ya know…laterrrrzzzzzzzzz


Jeff Nguyen?

asian looking guy who wears baggy kingdom hearts pants.


relax guys its all just simple physics.

natalie boot these fools.


Every action has an equal and opposite reaction?


Newtons third law. Sexxi

On Topic: sad face


:lol: [media=youtube]KFIR5MgsG70[/media]
Don’t sweat it. If anything get even fiercer in games and whoop ass (even the people that spread the rumor). Your more then welcome to come out to castro valley on fridays for some SF4 :lovin: and no drama. :wgrin:



" They say a LIE is half way across the world before the TRUTH gets its shoes on "

Don’t believe everything you hear. Question the ones you hear it from and or say who is spreading rumors.


just out of curiosity is this the juicebox that made it to the semi’s? coz I couldve sworn that juicebox was a guy