To critique or not to critique




  1. This is NOT art school. NOR is this critique class. This is a FAN ART Gallery. For fans. Not only for professional artists. EVERYONE IS WELCOME. and EVERYONE should be able to post art without fear of bashing.

  2. People post their art here for FUN.

  3. harsh critique should not be delivered unless asked for. (of course constructive comments are ALWAYS welcome

  4. NOT EVERYONE wants to be a professional artist one day. 90% of you just draw for fun.

  5. a PERSON drew the picture you are about to bash. And that person put a lot of effort into their work. That person also has FEELINGS.

  6. Remember the old saying… “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say a goddamn thing at ALL” so have some damn common courtesy.

  7. Art bashing is a pet peeve of mine. I am very unforgiving when I see senseless bashing.

anyway, now that i have more time on my hands I WILL be enforcing the critiquing rules. Yes you can critique, but use common sense. and remember the best thing you can do for a beginning artist is to ENCOURAGE THEM. This doesnt mean you cannot point out their faults, but be ENCOURAGING. I understand that constructive criticism is imperative for artists to get better, but use your GOOD judgment about how that critique should be worded.


Alot of what a-chan wrote is basically common sense. Use common sense people. You probably wouldnt want someone to say your art flat out sucks.


Morrigan Pic


exactly A-Chan. Just because you don’t like the Character or picture doesn’t mean you have to bash it. so true. so true. use common sense. not ignorant sense.


Aite first off, i did say i didnt like your pics, but despite that, i did give honest to goodness criticisms which u blatantly rejected cuz all that stuck in your head was that i didnt like it and you were just so mad cuz all of fnet flamed you. (I.e the fact that the moon doesnt appear infront of clouds)

And I read your little drama post at Funny shit, and not to mention i found out that you’re the whiney little girl who posted “OMG THIS AKUMACHAN PERSON STOLE MY NAME MODS BAN HER” right goukichan?



:lol: nice try on getting me banned. but, why must a lie be put into this? i mean, Wheres Your Proof?? first of all, i like akumachan. and when i replied to her thread, i was also nice to her, and has always known that she was a mod. idiot.
and that fact that you CAN’T do any better:lol:!!
if you don’t like the Pic, don’t post at All. people are so funny now a day.

edit: and for that i will stop relpying to your post.:slight_smile:

p.s. Great thread akumachan.:cool:


and when will we have more a chan art to bitch about ;)? i mean this once a decade shit is qt but cmon :frowning:


Fair Enough, akumachan…but analyse this scenario…

X (user) enters the Fan Art Gallery. “My art is pretty shite/crap, but what do you all think?”

Ten minutes (or a short time frame later), “Well? MAD Smiley, come on then - where are your replies???”

A user such as this DESERVES critique, especially after admitting his “art”, regardless of his “talent”, is sub-standard.

Where does that leave a poster such as myself?


first off, no one deserves to have their art called shit, just because they admitted to it being “substandard” in the first place. The last thing an artist needs are disparaging remarks from other people, ESPECIALLY if they already KNOW their art needs work. Its a hell of a lot easier to tell others your stuff sucks than to have it told to you by other people.

2nd. you must have missed the part where I mentioned that:

“Harsh critique should not be delivered unless ASKED FOR.”

and again use your common sense. A lot of people play down their art by saying they dont have much talent. and lots of people ask “what do you think?” just because THEY say their art is shite and they ask what you think doesnt mean you have to be rude about it. There are ways to tell people that their stuff needs work other than saying “you’re right, your art is shite” thats STILL NOT okay.

the point is that EVERYONE wants comments on their art. Thats why they post it here. EVERYONE asks “what do you think?” so you should USE COMMON SENSE and NOT be an asshole.

you can agree with someone that they have lots of things to work on, and in that case then say something CONSTRUCTIVE.

for ex.

“There are major problems in the piece that need to be worked on, such as proportion and composition. You may want to study human form a bit more or learn from these books…”

IMO this is a MUCH more constructive way to tell someone what you think instead of saying “it fuggin sucks”

To put it simply.

Don’t be a prick.


sorry but Im one of those moody artists that has to be “in the mood” to draw. and lately I just havent been in it. but I have been sketching a bit lately which means I will prolly produce something really soon. Its kinda like laying eggs :wink:


stop picking on her, you big bully! she’s so much younger than you, and yet you act as if you’re younger than she is! if i hear you talk crap to her ONE more time…:bluu:


nice tread:cool: you go! girl! you’re starting to make my fears of posting my art disappear:)

p.s. how come shin-mech-brian doesn’t post his art anymore?:frowning:




exactly a-chan. you make perfect sense.:slight_smile:


then what? :slight_smile:

a-chan knows. i showed her the thread “AKUMACHAN STOLE MY NAME BAN HER” made by a certain individual by the name of "goukichan"
then i saw with your art posted by a goukichan.
in layman’s terms?
Goukichan cant make “akumachan” name. Makes thread to bitch about it. Gets flamed. Runs away and creates Goukigirl.

ownt :slight_smile:


he’s been WAY too busy to draw lately. He’s working lots of overtime right now. as soon as things slow down for him he’ll be drawing again really soon


Well said…


This is the FUNNIEST post i have ever heard!

heh heh, very funny. but i don’t accuse and LIE on people like you do.:slight_smile: i only used GoukiChan for only! a-chan can check my IP
and prove you wrong. and i never changed my User name(relatives don’t count), plus i didn’t even know exist in the 7th mounth, cuz in that time i thought it cost something to register. but nice try Lyer.:slight_smile:
and That’s how aquarake is people.:lame:
ignore list:


Great Rules A-Chan. i would like to see your new Art soon.:cool:

P.S. Happy BirthDay AKUMA2000!:slight_smile:


Re: Re: To critique or not to critique

i thought U and SMB broke up or Something sense i haven’t seen him Post in Sucha long Time.
Have U gotten Any better a-chan?


Re: Re: Re: To critique or not to critique

nah we’re still together :slight_smile: he just doesnt have lots of time to check forums.

and have I gotten better?? I doubt it, since I havent drawn jack since that chun-li piece I did. but i am working on a cammy piece for that lil contest as we speak. but we’ll see… I feel like drawing…

oh and aqua and gouki: will the both of you please just be quiet? dont bother responding to this post. just please be quiet.