To critique or not to critique


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I love criticism only because it can help with a picture. My recent Hellboy picture got some great crits from various forums, and it helped me produce a better picture overall.


Artists shouldn’t be afraid of criticism. Just stop, listen, and embrace what someone is saying about your work. Be honest to yourself, and if your work needs improvement, IMPROVE it. If you can’t take criticism, then you’ll never improve because you believe your work is perfect. Nothing is perfect, everything needs improving.

Now, that’s not to say that you should take everything someone says to heart, or alter your style to fit someone else’s vision of YOUR style. There’s some real jerks out there who’s criticism is completely useless to you.


Wow, that’s awesome work man…nice :tup:


Any crits for this? ANy would be appreciated!


I think the visor is pure awesomeness. Good shading skills.

My critique would be to crop the picture where his shoulders end and add a background.


are u still the same achan from years ago or someone else usin the acct? never did find out what happened to u.


maybe a grey or neutral darker color background. since there’s so much dark, the white sort of strains the eyes.


Artists wouldn’t have explored theory if they didn’t want to know why something did or didn’t work. When something is irking you about your work, that is proof that there are rules/theory you haven’t followed.

Believe me, your ipod, and your monitor were indeed designed following some rules.

I see where you come from. It simply comes down to what you do with the feedback. Those who want to improve, or those who wish to share what they enjoyed creating will handle criticism differently.


Regarding critique: the word itself is synonymous with criticism. But in my opinion, any sort of criticism one could give could be reworded in the form of advice. Saying the exact same thing, but worded in a positive way instead of a negative way.

Instead of saying “this is wrong it breaks the rules” one could say “try this, because…”, and so on.

It’s true artists should not be afraid of crit, but, it’s common courtesy to ask first before giving crit. Uninvited opinions are uninvited. Posting art to the public is not the same as posting words on a message board, because sometimes art is very a personal form of expression that is directly connected to ability/capability/thought/execution, and some people just do not enjoy having their heart and soul pissed on by uninvited guests.


I dont critique unless they ask for opinions or give some hint they want criticism. i really hate it when someone realize the other artist made something they are jealous of and they say “HAY! But his left pinky nail is too far to the left!” You pretty much give your position away with that.


I usually don’t ask for critiques much, but I do honestly want to get better at coloring in photoshop(I’m still garbage despite 10 years under my belt). Just posted up my latest work, comments/criticism would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Oh yeah, panty shot, possibly nsfw


it’s beyond my level to be able to judge that picture for flaws.


The major thing that I’d change is the depth/proportion by making the thighs bigger…

Do you use ‘Flip canvas horizontally’ in Photoshop? Helps a lot in spotting anything in your linework that looks ‘off.’


Aku: Some, hopefully, constructive critique is coming here =) I am usually to lazy to ciritique people, but i thought the linework on that picture was so good that i would like to help with a few pointers about the colouring and possibly line work =).

First, the lines. As I said, i think the lineart is awesome. The lines themselves though, could use some work. Sense your using photoshop i will assume your using a tablet. If not, then you can dissregard what i say here =)

I have no idea if you made the lines in photoshop, or if their the scanned lines from your original art. For a picture like this i would recomend to either scan it in a much higher resolution, or just redraw all the lines in photoshop to make them more crisp. Reason im saying this is because right now they feel a bit pixelated, and a cleaner/crisper lineart would go better with the choice of colouring you picked.
(If you want i could go in depth on how to ink in photoshop or illustrator). When inking in photoshop, its important to use pen pressure, so you can controll the thickness of the lines.

And speaking of colouring, I was in the same position as you last year and wanted to get better at colouring in photoshop. What you first need to do is to decide what kind of colouring you wanna make. I mean, sometimes one can see an awesome cell shaded pic, and think i wanna do that. And the day after that you see a more paint/water colour style and think thats the way to go. So decide what kind of colouring style you wanna do. An advice is to make one picture, and colour it in several ways and see what your most comfortable with.

The way you coloured this picture seems to be a mix of paint style and cell shading (with soft edges), and its nothing wrong with that, but i think it will be easier for you to focus on improving when you have only one style to focus on.

Random tips:
Avoid soft brushes and smudge tool as much as you can. A brush with opacity pressure sensitivity is much to be prefered over the other two. Soft brushes and smudge tools might seem cool at first, but you will learn alot more by not using them (they have their uses, but its better to learn how to shade without them in the beginning)

For the style you used to colour this picture, i would use more shades of the different colours, like the way you coloured her thighs. Thighs are very well shaded, the shirt could be better of =)

And thats it, hope i was to any help. And remember, only reason i wrote all this was because i was very impressed with the lineart =) Im also very tired, so i hope i didnt write to much nonsense.

And btw, heres the pic i made when i myself decided on how to colour:

Colour test by *RainyDaySunshine on deviantART

basically i just made a lineart and coloured it in different ways and then picked the style i thought looked best with the way i do my lineart (i picked the cell shading style, yea i know, its sort of lazy of me because it doesnt require as much effort. But I myself much prefer to focus on lineart, and i think colouring is a bit dull =) )


Taito: You’re right, the proportions are pretty off on the legs. I’ll try to fix those on PS.

TacticalNoir: First off, thank you for the critique. :slight_smile:

  • You’re right about the linework in that I should’ve scanned it in at a much higher resolution. I used my school’s scanner and I still need to figure out how to use it proper.
  • That’s actually a good idea, in that I should decide on which coloring style I wanna focus on in one picture. I’m not necessarily new to CG coloring but I’ve never been good at it so all my stuff ends up looking like experimental poopy. haha
  • Ah yes, the smudge tool. I do need to stop using it…it never really does produce the results I want anyway.

Thanks for the compliment on my linework. I’ll be honest and say that I’m rubbish when it comes to coloring, be it paints, colored pencils, pastels and so on, which is why I’m trying to at least improve with CG.

Again, thanks for the critique and advice. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:


good answer Dreaded Fist


If somebody posts their work in an open forum they should at least expect criticism.
There is a fine line between criticism and bashing somebodies art. Bashing somebodies art is never appropriate, however trying to help somebody improve is.
Honest and helpful constructive criticism should always be welcomed.
I know how much it can hurt for somebody to criticize your art, but if you can learn to not take the criticism personally it can really help you improve in anything you do.
But like I said, there is a difference between bashing and criticism.


So I’m thinking about getting this peice of art oil painted on a canvas. I don’t have a deviantart account so I want to give the creator luckfield credit for this piece before I get it done and I’ll take a pic of the finished product.


You can use a scanner or a camera if you don’t have a scanner to get yourself a digital copy. Use an image uploading site like imageshack, photobucket, imgur or flickr… or even other sites like deviantart, facebook, or even a blogging website. Once that’s done, grab their image URL. The uploading sites can get you it easily, but in general you can right-click any image > Copy Image URL/Address and then paste it here on SRK or any forum.

If you’re completely new to computers, the Image URL is essentially just an address with the image file name at the end (i.e. you’ll know it’s an image url when the last bit of it is an image file extension such as .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp, etc…

Anyway, since SRK used BBCode, what you need to do is create image tags which look like this:

you’ll have that in place, then paste your image url after it (with no spaces in between), and then close it with



to instantly understand image codes or any BBcodes, quote this post and see how the tagging looks ^.