To custom arcade stick makers!

ok so im having a lot of trouble ordering from

the dude is taking like 5-6 days between emails and its becoming a serious chore.

this may not be the right forum and if not i hope im pointed to the right direction, but does anyone have any 360 sticks for sale, or is available to make a custom stick like THIS WEEK?

money is ready to be paypal’d, cod’d, wtfever… i need a stick NOW, and dont want the DOA one.

if anyones doing this now or willing, post here or send me a pm and ill let you know some more in depth details of what im lookin for…

thx in advance!

Dude, you might wanna hit up the trade outlet for a 360 stick. There are quite alot of people that can make you one.

whoops, im new… missed that part of the forum… damn there are so many threads, im overwhelmed. while we’re here… for SF play ONLY, whats the better choice… ball top or bat top?

main characters are bison/balrog but can play everyone, but shoto movements arent my main priority…

Try reading the stickies

It whatever you prefer to play with, I prefer a ball better than bat.

and I prefer Happ’s bat top over ball, like he said it’s just a preference

Well i can make you one and i have one to sell actually does it have to be all flashy or do you just want a xbox 360 stick?