To dasrik: BH vs iceman



well since you seem to be the resident BH s&t division specialist i would like :

ok, there are 3 bh in my area i have problems with. if possible could you tel me WTF is up.

the bh all play fairly diffferent, and are played well i may add. but i found last night on accident that ice man is quite useful in this fight. normally i leave cable up to this duty but it doesn’t always work out so well. sometimes it’s bad.

i traveled from my home town to the mecca (kc) and played against some people i would normally only play in a tournament. the resident bh god there usually only busts him out when its tourny time so i only fought it a few times (3 i think). the first was bad because he played him and raped me for all i was worth. the secon i accidently picked iceman because i was on the first played side, went for cable and was talking to him and not looking at who i was picking and poof iceman.

now i have been playing him recently due to the low tier team tourny coming up so i was willig to give it serious play and had cable and capcom backing him up. well i won. and iceman did a lot better against him then i thought. but heres the dilema, i work 40 hour weeks and will not get much play in before the tourny the 29th so i would like you to divulge any info you may have on this fight. simply because… i dont have the time to experement and so on.

icebeams seemed to work wonders on bh, staying on the ground and shuting him down when he went to jump, and the air, ice balls stoped him when he was ading back to throw demons.
the air icebeam down, was good but i was afraid of inferno xx hod, and him landing fk demons into the infinate. so i mainly stayed on the ground to avoid that.

but another problem is that: ^^ is one, and the other im concerned with is paired with doom. that is a big problem as well, even though i have beaten the player with doom before in a tourny, he has also beaten me. im afraid of the doom asisst kicking icemans ass alone so, would like help on that as well.

thank you in advance


Iceman does well on Blackheart, but it helps to have the right help. Against BH/not-Doom, Commando really helps because you can call Commando and upwards icebeam to make superjumping useless for Blackheart. Also, when he stays near the ground, s.roundhouse xx forward icebeam is a great move, since it completely blocks him from jumping and throwing demons and forces him to eat some chip damage to boot. Superjumping is a tricky thing vs. BH. Basically, unless he Infernos right off the bat, you want to do some icebeams downward in a superjump at first just to make him think you’ll do it. So if you see an Inferno coming, just block, then call Commando and try to do an upwards Icebeam to re-establish the no-zone. Alternately, you can Ice Avalanche which will trade with Inferno xx HOD. Don’t forget to use c.roundhouse to hit BH if he tries to jump in on you and learn the kara cancel air combo, the damage it does is way worth it.

Versus BH/Doom, it becomes a different matter. Here, Cyclops might be preferable because you don’t want BH to get close to you at all. If he does, call Cyclops then point an icebeam in his direction. Mostly, you want to retreat from him while staying near the ground. If he superjumps, best response is to superjump with him and see if you can get him with an Icebeam. Remember, BH can only move horizontally with his airdash. Alternately, if you don’t think he’ll throw demons and instead try to get in, keep c.roundhouse handy.

In either case, once you’ve built enough meter, wait for Cable counter opportunities. BH can’t do much to attack you without opening himself up to a counterattack from Cable, so keep that in mind - and on the same note, don’t freeze up and make it obvious that that’s what you want to do. Stay active and remember that you can and probably should launch all of BH’s jumpins with low roundhouse, which is probably a better option than countering in Cable and not being able to do much. Depending on how the match is going, you may even want to end it with sj.down+roundhouse instead of arctic attack to keep momentum going.

Overall, Iceman does alright on Blackheart, but you have to remember that Icebeaming commits Iceman to attacking in a certain direction for a long time, so try to avoid doing it unless you know that BH will be there. His roundhouses and lack of block damage are much better tools in the fight.

Hope that helps.


kick ass

thanks again for the help
now i think i may understand what happened in the fight more since that was the first time i had ever tried iceman vs bh.

one question though, what is Kara cancelling?


Kara cancel either the Icebeam or Ice Avalanche into Arctic Attack in an aircombo. Iceman will float in place instead of moving downward and the super will do a lot more damage. The trick to doing it is to do the motion, hit the button, then hit two punches as fast as possible consecutively: so do QCF+P~PP or QCF+K~PP. I find it easier with Ice Avalanche, but most seem to do it easier with Icebeam.


why doesn’t the guy using black heart just put cable in first whenever you pick ice man or sentinal for that matter.

seems to me using ice man will only get you so far.

but i dont’ know much about that, ice man is a pain to black heart so it’s a good thing black heart can just have sentinal, storm, or other people that chip ice man just annhilate him before he even steps in.

shrug i may be wrong.

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