TO Dudley details



I see this guy Joe every other day at Downtown funland for a few years already, I see him today again, using Dudley and Twelve. Actually he can be beaten by many people, but his Dudley is beautiful.

He used Rocket Uppercut super, and his style is unmatchable. I have seen hundreds of Dudley players from TO, Hong Kong, USA (videos), Japan and none of them can play Dudley smoothly. Everyone relies on parrying and doing huge damage combos (in order to win), but Joe do things that will rather counter your movements rather than waiting for parries.

He can use Ducking like no other players, not just “HK cancel in to a ducking and throw”. But to avoid high attacks very quickly. His linking skills are awesome, not just the looks but is useful actually.

I am not a friend of him, and I am not saying he will beat who and who. Just want to let u guys know more info on him.


I would have to agree. I can’t say he’s the best, especially since I’ve never played him, but his matches are damn slick. You guys can download some old footage on T2 matches through Direct Connect - his name is No Mercy.


Cool. I’ve been looking for more Dudley vids. I’ll check out thie No Mercy guy on DC when I get the chance.



I’m just a recent player of 3S and recently moved downtown for university. I come to funland frequently, and I love watching the top players play. I’ve learned soo much in just a couple weeks, and I look forward to improving myself.

The only player I know by name downtown is Antoine, whom from what I’ve seen in person, has the best Dudley. I just wanted to know what Joe looks like, because I know another player who uses Dudley alot, and is really amazing.

Other than that, if anyone ever sees me downtown, I’m half asian, short, freckles, and I use either Dudley or Hugo, say hi, my names Peter, and I’d love to get to know more people who play 3S downtown, besides just getting my ass kicked all the time.

Thanks alot, Peter