To eat electricity...or not?

Ok we all know that after Blanka’s bite throw, he’ll do a whiff mp blanka ball and fierce electricity. Recently I’ve played some K groovers who, after I did the bite throw on them, safe fall and got hit by the mp blanka ball. At first I’m like “wtf is he doing?” but as I got to thinking, maybe it’s actually better to safe fall and get hit by a blanka ball instead of eating the chip damage from electricity. So is this a viable strategy for safe fall grooves (meaning N and K)?

In K it seems viable, as the meter you gain (whilst not great) is at least one advantage over just taking GC damage. N groove on the other hand I’d rather block then Alpha Counter/Roll depeding on the char I’m using.

Well I was using K groove Blanka myself so if that makes any difference, do tell.

free slash for hibiki

weird… usually when sum1 bites mk ball and elec I just do wakeup dp or rising tackle…

vs. c blanka why not just wake up roll

eh you could get thrown again.

A few other characters can punish a deep-ish connected Blanka Ball iirc.

no, against a super mixup

Just my bad opinion:

Against rc electric (C,A,N groove) after mp ball, just do safe fall to eat the mp ball.

Against non-rc electric (P,S,K), just wait and punish with dp or else when wake up.
But, risky too cos with exactly 5p electric. Blanka can block the dp quickly & punish back immediately.
5p electric is very tricky…