To Fightstick or not to Fightstick

Something I’ve really been thinking over but still not sure whether I should get or not. So I’ve been playing Marvel with an xbox remote all this time, I’m a 4th lord and matches are starting to get progressively harder to win. I’m practicing as much as possible and trying to stay calm whenever I lose to something lag related online. What do you guys think? should I stop playing online and only do locals? and should I pickup a fightstick? I find wavedashing on the xbox remote hard to do without an attack coming out accidently. Any tips? do any of you guys play on controller? Please take note that I do actually want to take this game serious. I don’t really play anything else :stuck_out_tongue:

Play the game online or off. A fight stick won’t make you better. I personally found playing BlazBlue on pad impossible (thats not true but I wanted to play as Carl) so I moved to stick and I like it better, but it didn’t give me an edge also at first you will hate it cause you have to practice and get use to it. My 2 cents.

It’s honestly a matter of choice. I can’t play Marvel on Pad, but if you see Rex0r from St. Louis, MO who placed 2nd at UFGT7, he played on PS3 pad. Some people find pad better for MK. I choose stick because it’s what I’ve been playing on for the last 6 months. It’s up to you. Honestly, go to an arcade, if you have one, see if they have ball tops sticks instead of bat top sticks. Try that out. Ball tops are what most sticks are if you are planning on playing on one.

TL;dr - See if you can try stick before you buy it.

Yea I really need help with this too. I’ve been playing SF4+ for like a year + pretty consistantly (Online, there is little to no scene here unfortunately :[ ) and now Mvc3, although I’m not gonna take that game serious due to ‘‘To much bullshit and luck factor’’ lol, but I know I’m gonna continue playing it + fighters like Super Mvc3, Tekken Tag 2, Sf X tekken, but I’m not sure if its* really* worth it. (I do play fighters A LOT, so I know I won’t let it gather dust somewhere)

One person noted it doesnt make you better, then why would I get it? I thought it would make things easier = thus better. And yea Wolfkrone who is arguably top 3 (Maybe even the top) Usa player, plays Pad PLUS a viper which is 10x more impressive to go with it, so I see you don’t really need it. But whenever someone uses a pad in tournaments they get super praise, so it as if it is highly unlikely that you’ll be able to get Pro level with a pad alone.

I guess I should get one for Plinking/1 framers, wave dashing, that sort since I do play a lot of SF. Edit: I just realized this is not a general discussion but for MVC3. Although IMO for Mvc3 I don’t see the use of it (Compared to SF), due to the combos/specials w/e being super easy to perform. (Wave dashing true)

The only reason sticks are better than pads are the ability to piano key a standard 6 normal button config. All directional inputs are the same difficulty just matter of preferance. However since you only need to go quickly back and forth between 4 buttons in marvel its easily done with a pad and thumb only for that matter. Sticks really only pay off when your looking to be doing things like FADC which basically required you to hit 3 buttons almost simultatneously which was really hard with thumb only, this and maybe if your character had very fast links like l.p to h.k etc. The other point to note is that and xbox stick doesn’t work on PSN (tournie standard yay).

Just realize using a stick does not make doing things like shoryuken motions easier or anything like that. So in short it will only help you execute 2-3 things in street fighter per character and almost nothing in marvel. Even in this situation you can easily get a 6 button madcatz pad that allows you to piano key for 30 bucks. The reason the top players seem to all use sticks is partly because most players started in arcades where you were forced to use one and it seems natural for them to use sticks, and by proxy teach/recommend other people to use sticks. I personally hate joysticks and would rather play on a snes pad then one and I do pretty well and I have yet to run into a combo I couldn’t handle because of using a pad.

I think MvC3 was functionally optimized for pad play. I play all my fighters on pads and I gotta tell ya, MvC3 feels good with the 360 controller (I use thumbstick over the pad, though, 360 pad is a fucking ripoff). SoulCalibur 4 also feels really good on the controller. The biggest problem, aside from the stupid plastic plate d-pad, is the mushy face buttons. It makes X23’s hop loop a chore since hard attack (it’s always the B button first) tends to get stuck after you press it. It’s only for an instant but in that combo you have to get right back on it. In this event a stick on 3rd party controller with clicky buttons would fare better.

R-trigger dashing is sex.

If you feel like the reason your losing is because of the pad then switch to stick.

Depends on what characters you play, but nothing is impossible to do on pad that you can do on a stick. If you play magneto, iron man, viper, X high execution character, then go pick up a stick. And if you don’t like it, you can sell it to recover most of your losses. But you probably aren’t losing due to the pad.

I always hear stick is better than pad, however I play on pad. I just notice there are a slight things you can’t do on pad as easily as on a stick. Like MrSoada said if you play certain characters, stick will be easier to play them for their movements.

??? And a PS3 stick doesn’t work on 360. But it’s easier to mod a 360 stick to work on PS3, making it still the better choice because local tournaments / ranbats may use 360.

As for stick or pad, are you looking to practice at least a month if not more to feel it out? Very few people can pick up and play on a stick without a fair amount of practice. This is the way most people get demoralised early on, although it may be genuinely the fact that you may fare better on pad.

I play on stick because honestly I can’t do any motions, nor charge moves on pad. Yes I’m free on pad… may as well not play if I get caught without a stick.

For me, I have an easier time navigating movement and dashing with my dual shock than I do my fightstick. But, to be fair, I’ve been playing fighting games on a Sony controller for a long time, so it’s not surprise that my hand has some muscle memory bias.

Use what you’re comfortable with. Switching to a fightstick won’t magically make you awesome. The real reason fightsticks are used is universal application: Using a fightstick, the controls will always feel and be the same.

And now you know.

Im juggling between both actually. Stick is easier on your hands and you can do stuff like P-link and double tap but you can do those on pad too so ultimately it comes down to personal preferance. Look at guys like wolfkrone and vangief the contend with the best of em on pad and Mago Marn sako and the latter’s execution is on point on stick so really its best to just experiment and see what feels better to you.

It’s all just muscle memory.

Use whatever feels better. You’re not losing because you’re playing on a pad and the other guy’s using a stick.

I play SSFIV on Fightstick and MvC3/MK9 on my 360 pad…

I play pretty darn well on pads. I am fierce competitor though and we I lose I immediately rematch or evaluate the match and that I think is far more important than input device!

On a side note though, I actually want to become familiar with playing on Stick due to curiosity, diversity, and it just looks cool IMHO. Do you guys have a cheap stick to recommend?

It really is all about preference. can depend on what you play too
MvC can be played on both really (Look at Masta CJ from new york, PADneto)
I don’t know how Pad SF4 players do it though? (I’m looking right at you Wolfkrone)

The cheapest stick worth your buck is the SE SF4 stick. New it’s around $50. If you decide you like sticks you can mod it easily with some better parts. Or not. It’s decent as it sits.

an SE with sanwa parts or get a TE… comes out to be about the same really

I used to play on PS2 pad.but i couldn’t do honda’s HHS combos and i wanted to pick litchi in BlazBlue.
so i picked up a TE and got used to it a little while after.can’t say which is better ! but i definitely prefer to play on Stick :slight_smile:

Immediate benefits of switching to a stick: No more sore thumbs.

For a game like Marvel, you can do any available combo on a pad, Zero switch-charge combos, Magneto’s Rom combo, C.Viper seismo bullshit, etc etc. Street Fighter I can’t comment on, but I think it would be easier on a stick than a pad if only for the 6 button layout. Also, as someone mentioned, its easier to make a stick compatible with both systems(XBawks and PSFree) than it is to make a pad that way.

It really comes down to if you have the money to burn for a gaming accessory or not. I refuse to buy a stick purely because the money it would take to get one would buy a weeks worth of groceries.