To forum or not to forum...

Figured we needed a new topic for this.

Vote yes for what? Can you rephrase the poll please. I can`t make any sense of it. Sorry

Yes to making our own forum so that it will be a much bigger SkullGirls hub.


Whoops looks like I’m more tired than I thought. Uh, how do I change the poll options anyway? But, yeah, ‘Yes’ is for making the forum and ‘No’ is for waiting/staying with SRK as kind-of the main hub.

you should edit your post with a link to this thread.

It would be pretty awesome if on the new forum we had a section with all of the artists tumblr, livejournal, and whatever else accounts to make their art easier to find.

I heard something abt an official forum opening once m$ releases the patch. Why not wait for that?

Who knows how long until the patch finally reaches the 360. It could easily go the way of FF Versus 13

Personaly i`d like an entire site dedicated to skullgirls. But yeah i guess a forum will suffice.

With the way lab zero is pushing for it, I doubt it.

Complete site, forum, some sort of hub really is what the question is. I know someone who could probably make a website if we were to go that direction.

The ball is in M$ court. They need to loosen up on their policy a bit for this to go down. Indies and M$ don’t have a history of playing nice

The “proposition on the table,” as far as I’m concerned, is “community-run website dedicated to Skullgirls and any future Lab Zero games.” Probably just a forum to start with, though. Compare to Dustloop, Smashboards, or AllisBrawl as potential models, but nothing’s set in stone of course.

There are a lot of strong reasons for this, already discussed in this thread (it’s a good read). To summarize: community independence is good, people have to sift through SRK just to find us, we’ll want better resources in the future (guides, wikis, tournaments/ladders, **much **more organization in general), and it’s not as alienating towards people who love Skullgirls for non-competitive reasons.

Online polls are never great by the way, since people are so naturally resistant to change. Honestly even if this doesn’t happen for some reason, I’ll probably end up doing it like 6 months from now anyway, succeed or fail lol. I feel like this is sort of an “act now” situation, considering the huge morale boost that donation drive gave us.

Poll wasn’t really meant to be the end all be all, but yeah… Personally, I don’t care either way, but would love to not have pages that randomly slow down when I try to read a thread.

I’m cool with our home here. It keeps me posted on other fighting games while being here.

Honestly we should just make it. There’s no disadvantage community wise because it’s not like the SRK forums will vanish or anything like that.

I’d suggest to tackle Ravidrath before going for it. I’m not sure we want to create competition for official forum if they’re going to open it anytime soon.

I would totally be behind this. I think there would be more room for different discussions and a more dedicated area to help out noobies, etc. Being confined to one subforum is difficult. Lets do this.

A gigantic disadvantage is that one has to doublepost every halfway sensible post.

I’m registered in a german FG board and it’s pretty much only used for local meetups and tourney info, as all the char info / guides / etc is on SRK - so why should one bother.
If you write a guide, posting it on both boards isn’t an issue. But if someone asks a question which pops up on the other forums a bit later as well, it gets annoying. Everytime someone has tech to share, they’ll have to post it in two forums. Every idea, video, explanation etc will have to be posted on both sites or one will die off sooner or later.
People don’t even manage to post their character tips in both the general Gameplay discussion and the character subboards - the latter are seldom used with most of all discussion happening in the gigantic Gameplay sticky.

I guess a Hub where one talks about stuff which is mostly ignored on these forums (artstyle, lore, soundtrack, …) is cool, but as soon as you let the same content be discussed on two pages, one will pretty much only exist for the sake of linking to the other (so eg any question in the SRK subboards will be answered with “Register on these other boards”*).

*Which most people are too lazy to do. Someone who heard of SG and thinks about picking it up won’t create an account on an SG-only forum. He’ll just say “Okay, whatever, back to SF4”.

Larger communities than this have split over new forums.