To glue or not to glue?

So I’ve got my Madcatz Retro PCB all stripped and ready to be wired up like the picture here.

I’ve also plugged it into XP and fiddled with the sticks (what’s left of them) until all the little red bars lined up pretty well.

So the question is: Can I throw a lewd amount of hot glue into those badboys and get to wiring? Is it really that easy?

Thanks! <3!

you are just using the glue for extra strength to hold the wires in place after soldering right?

you need to tin the pads, tin your wire, then solder the wire to the pad. then after you verify that it works, put some hot glue on the wire BUT not on the part you soldered on. why? because if you muck the whole thing with hot glue and later on you need to fix an issue, you’re contact is now smothered with hot glue. glue down the wires just a bit off the pad.

Do NOT glue.

I know that it seems like it would work okay in theory… just make sure the metals are touching and let some glue dry over top! In reality, the glue will form a complete insulating barrier between the bare wire and the PCB’s contact every single time. Don’t even try it; you can easily ruin the contacts while you’re scraping off the glue after.

DO solder.

You can buy everything you’ll ever need to solder for about $15 total. It’s really easy to do, and it’s actually kinda fun too. Just skim a how-to first and you’ll be able to teach yourself in minutes with no problems.

Solder, definately.

I would personally recommend against putting glue on top aswell, ‘just in case’ something goes wrong with that connection (god knows how, but just in case) later on down the track, you’ll have to take all the glue off again. and it isn’t the funnest job.

I agree with Valkyran, pulling up glued down wires tend to pull more up than you bargained for. e.g. mending a broken trace doesn’t look fun at all…

This is solid advice. Solder and glue away from the point where the glue can be removed without trashing the PCB.

Hmm…it appears I have been unclear. A 4am post with a misleading thread title will do that, haha. I was asking if it’s safe to fill whatever is left of the joysticks (those little pots/boxes…whatever the technical term may be) with hot glue so they remain in a neutral position as shown in the picture I posted.

Thanks though for the soldering advice. I didn’t really fancy the idea of smothering my connections with hot glue either.

doh! hahaha

i think you should sleep more… :wink:

if you’re sure that you’ll never need them again and you’re sure they are in neutral then I don’t see why you shouldn’t glue them…

Yeah, more sleep could always be used. Sadly I spend many waking hours reading and trying to comprehend this stick building stuff. I keep telling myself it’s gonna worth it in the end…and it is.

Any who, just wanted to run it by someone “out loud” before I went crazy with the glue gun and messed something up.


then perhaps you should wait and see if anyone posts about this before doing so… you could get some more sleep inbetween…! ;’)

are you referring to the analog sticks? if you are worried they may be moved while inside your case you can just trim them down, don’t have to glue.