To high of a learning curve? ggpo 3s/super turbo

Having started really getting into fighting games with Street Fighter 4 I have obviously not been around all that long. I was thinking about starting to play 3s on ggpo. My only concern is that 3S has been around so long that the player on ggpo will mostly likely beast me every time. While I am not worried about getting beat I am worried that I may get beat so bad that I won’t learn anything and never get any better at the game.

Do you think this will be a problem or do you think I will be able to get decent at 3S by playing on ggpo? Would this apply to super turbo as well?

Play 3s because it is amazing. You will get better with practice, you just have to understand the game. Nothing is considered safe, and you have to have good mixups. For a starting game, start with Super Turbo, then move up to sf4, then 3s.
3s = the god of all sf’s.

do u know basic zoning, footsies, combo execution, and basic execution? then all thats left to learn is match ups and that happens with playing. get on it 3s is awesome.

3S really doesn’t have as high of a learning curve as some of the other SF games. It’s not nearly execution intensive as say, Marvel or CvS2. If you really want to start playing it, go for it.

Do know that a lot of us love it and a lot of us hate it.

I’d personally recommend ST for SF fundamentals of 3S any day.

3S has enough SF fundamentals for you to use it as a stepping ground for other games. If you don’t have good footsies in 3S you’ll die just like in any other SF game. The footsies are played differently but they are still there. You won’t learn as much of the “fireball using/negating” stuff that’s common in other SF games though you can always pick up on that later on. Once you get parrying down the rest is learning how to block instead and learn your option selects and parry killing techniques (SGGK, tick throws, buffer cancellable normals on parry into super etc.).

Honestly 3s is such I fun game I don’t mind losing. And ggpo community is actually really nice from my experience. Just say you are new and they’ll help you out.

ST IMO is one of the best ways to learn your basic concepts. 3S is fun too as long as you take it one step at a time and not rush things.