To Keith, Mandel, Alex, and anyone else who plays ST seriously

zass’ pad tonight, 9pm. directions? call me 714-350-0797.:lovin:

What has become of us? Inviting people to homes that are not our own. Shame on you, Nate. I’m in if Julien confirms. But it might be a little bit before I can break free. Hopefully, Alex will make an appearance. That guy’s been a ghost as of late.

I play ST seriously? Damn, I’m honored.

I wish I had seen this earlier because I would’ve came over directly after work. =[

confirmed… come on over for evo practice! Keith and Nate are here, and pablo later.

edit: nevermind

Thanks for hosting as always. Good games to all, except Nate, because I didn’t get to play him much, and he always broke out with his 8th string against me. I don’t get enough opportunities to face his Geif, as though he’s saving it for tournament matches. It’s a conspiracy.

Alex, player profiles. Did/Get it!

i need an adrenaline shot now

Man after playing all of this CCC2 crackhead speed, I feel so much more solid on our regular cabinet speed. It’s actually helped my arcade play because things seem so slow and controlled now. I like it :slight_smile:

werd. i am too poor to drive home to renton from work in redmond to go all the way to ballard…I woulda came if someone called me earlier :sad: