To Kill a Psychopath- The Frank West Matchup Thread



This thread will hold all the matchup info for Franky W. I’ll be dividing each section between fighting a character on point and dealing with their assists. Input is awesome and you’ll be credited for helping.

Abbreviation notes (for the new Frank players):
ToS = Tools of Survival
BLS = Blue Light Special
ST = Survival Techniques
FFC = Funny Face Crusher


[details=Spoiler] On point:
DON’T. GET. DEMONED. That is probably the biggest thing you’ll have to worry about. It’s easy to rely on your awesome ground normals and eat a demon, and in Xfactor that shit huuuuuurts. Take to the air as much as you can. Akuma is made of glass, so if you touch him and can convert it to a combo he’s done. Frank actually limits his options really well due to having invincible anti-air and ground supers (FFC and ST), and he can’t keep you out. This is only really dangerous because Akuma is always the anchor and you have to respect level 3 Xfactor.

The reports of tatsu’s death have been greatly exaggerated. That thing still sucks to deal with, it’s just less obnoxious than it used to be. If someone has Akuma on their team there will be tatsus. The tatsu isn’t the issue as much as the blockstun. Make sure to block well while their point character coughcoughsniktbubcough wails on you. As far as his other two assists, they don’t exist. There is only tatsu.[/details]


[details=Spoiler] On point:
Erryday this bitch be shufflin’, and I hate her for it. Frank doesn’t have too much of an issue with small characters, but Ammy is really obnoxious because until Frank gets leveled she can out prioritize or hit him out of just about anything he does. I would just find an opportunity to tag out against her and not come back until you have a paddlesaw.

If they’re using cold star be ready for mixups while you’re blocking. Alternatively, you can hop it and smack her in the face. A lot of Ammy players use her assist liberally, and this is the best time to kill her. One decent combo can take her out easily. This is even easier if they’re using her meter assist, since it’s really slow.[/details]


[details=Spoiler] On point:
Frank is generall pretty weak to keepaway, but not Arthur’s. Your roll completely dodges all of his projectiles with the right spacing, and unless the Arthur player’s constantly push blocking Frank can ruin his day. I feel like a traitor to other Arthur players for mentioning this, but Arthur has a very fast overhead in his air:s: that you need to be ready for. His reach is abysmal though, so unless he’s somehow cornered you his mixups aren’t that scary. Most Arthurs are anchors, however, and that’s a whole other story. Xfactor 3 gold Arthur is fucking obnoxious. The most important tips for dealing with this: don’t get touched (hit OR blocking) by a lance on the ground or else you’re in an infinite, and roll past homing crossbow shots. Don’t jump, you can’t roll in the air.

Daggers are like faster Sent drones. You have to respect them, especially if they’re gold, but they’re over quickly. They will punch through most other projectiles though, so be careful. Fire bottle is really specialized and not as dangerous, and it comes out very slowly. The slash assist has some neat properties to it, but it’s super situational and mostly used in combos.[/details]


[details=Spoiler] On point:
Tag. The fuck. Out. Level 1 Frank has almost no chance against a competent Viper. Not even a great Viper, just a competent one. Shopping cart assist is great against her anyway, so put Frank away until he has better moves. If you absolutely have to fight a Viper, try to catch her with a random slide, and cancel into light zombie swing if it’s blocked. Jump :s: is decent and almost Haggar-esque in use. Just don’t get touched, because she will kill you. Damn Viper, you scary.

Watch out for seizmos I guess? 90% of Vipers play her on point so she can use assists. Seizmo is a decent otg, but that’s mostly used in combos, so…yeah. [/details]

Captain America

[details=Spoiler] On point:
ROLL FIGHT. Both of you will be rolling around a lot. Don’t try to zone Cap too much with zombies or pies, he’ll just slam through. Frank is actually fairly similar to Cap in many ways, only he doesn’t have a slide and Frank has to earn his roll. He’s tough to write about because he’s so basic. Just…block, I guess?

Not much to worry about here. Shield slash is fairly durable but nothing to write home about, Charging Star eats projectiles now but it’s not that great. Stars and Stripes is crap.[/details]

Chris Redfield

[details=Spoiler] On point:
Chris tends to switch back and forth between keepaway and rushdown now that he can attack out of dashes. For keepaway, mines and nades are the real problem. Machine gun does a lot of chip but doesn’t hurt much, shotgun covers a good spread but has noticeable startup, and magnum…magnum is a pile of dicks, but at least it goes away quickly. Mines are tricky. The best thing to do is roll, but if you space it wrong you’ll get blown up and comboed. Grenades take up a significant amount of space. Hop them. Rushdown Chris is fairly basic, but he does have some good normals. What he lacks are strong lows, meaning you can slide into him fairly easily.

Treat machine gun like a beam. It holds you in place for their point character and punches through a lot of projectiles. His other assists aren’t really that important.[/details]



I’ve fought maybe one Chun, and they were bad. Info would be appreciated.


[details=Spoiler] On point:
I don’t even know where to begin with Dante. He’s an asshole. He can do everything, and he doesn’t have to take pictures to do it. I haven’t really come up with much for fighting Frank’s BFF because unless you come out with levels he can dance all over you. You pretty much have to wait for him to make a mistake and punish it as best you can. He’s not as bad as Viper, but I suggest DHCing out to someone more capable.

Pillar is mostly for combos, but it can be used for lockdown. This means block. Weasel shot is the same type of deal, except it’s just lockdown. Crystal, I haven’t seen anyone use since vanilla came out.[/details]


[details=Spoiler] On point:
Remember when I said Frank is weak to keepaway? Deadpool is one of the worst offenders. Most characters have something they can use to pin his hoppy ass down for a mixup, but Frank has no such thing until he gets levels. Deadpool can easily punish whiffed normals or unsafe pokes, but what you really need to watch is how you advance towards him. He moves deceptively fast, and what you thought was a safe roll from far away can easily become a free combo for him. He can’t keep you out forever though, and he only gets two teleports before he has to get creative, so you’ll eventually get in there.

The only one I see people use is the otg. If you’re getting hit by it you have bigger problems.[/details]

Doctor Strange


On point:
Strange is a difficult matchup for anyone, Frank included. Fortunately most of his moves are unsafe, so one blocked chain can easily lead to a combo. Once you hit level 3 you can significantly reduce his options with the threat of a Funny Face Crusher. Just be wary, because he always looks like he’s floating and may not be catchable in some cases.

Oh, and look out for Vishanti punishes. No throwing pies at this man.

Strange’s assists are not too scary. Eye of Avocado will only get used in a pressure situation, forcing you to block more. If your fundamentals are solid you should be fine. Donuts of Denak can be tricky, but it’s easy to hit Strange out of it with a pie or something since he stays out for ever. Bolts of Blarglewarg can be ducked. Or blocked. It’s kinda bad against Frank.



[details=Spoiler] On point:
Dormammu is a fuck. Easy hitconfirms and bigass hitboxes, teleports, etc. Very annoying. Roll only helps so much because he can often throw something else to punish, and he has a panic button in Chaotic Flame. Until you’re able to poke with really long range :m: attacks (I recommend jumping briefly to make them overheads) Frank really doesn’t have much. However, tagging him out and giving a chararcter with more solid rushdown the cart assist can eat Dorm alive. Projectile invincibility, yo.

SheldonCooper has some insight as well:

Dorm assists are basically combo only, so yeah.

Dr. Doom

[details=Spoiler] On point:
I’m going to get flak for this, but I don’t hate this matchup that much. Random foot dives are not exactly hard to see coming, you just have to be ready to do something about them. Slide or roll to mess up Doom’s positioning and hit him in the ass. If Doom is zoning, hop beams and block/roll finger lasers. You’ll get in eventually. It sucks to get touched by Doom and watch a combo video, but you can largely avoid this with basic tactics.

Plasma beam is good, nothing too special to say about it. Rocks are not that scary.
Missiles though.
FUCK missiles.
Missiles mess with everyone a lot, but they’re especially bad for Frank because he needs to be really mobile, and if he’s stuck at level one you’re going to be blocking for ever and for always. Level 2 doesn’t make things much better because the other point character can just hit you after you dodge them (stylish as it looks). Slide doesn’t get you away reliably. You pretty much just want to wavedash like hell or just take the chip and block the mixup. Sucks, but missiles suck for everyone.[/details]


[details=Spoiler] On point:
A lot of rushdown characters get stopped by Frank one way or another. Unfortunately, Felicia has Delta Kick. Listen to me here:
Delta kick. Ruins. Everything.
A bad Felicia will spam it and get slapped, which is fine. A good one will wait until you do something and punish with a well spaced Delta Kick, which Frank has almost no answer for. Now that she can do it in the air she always has the option. Roll cancels help, but it pretty much just resets the situation on opposite sides. Chainsaw :m:s only do so much since she comes from above, though you can catch her with them if the delta is misspaced. Sometimes I just slide under and punish. She’s beatable, and I wouldn’t say you have to tag out for her, but she WILL get you if you’re just hitting buttons.

Meh. If they don’t have Felicia on point then they’re probably doing it wrong.[/details]


[details=Spoiler] On point:
Little bastard has a lot of mixups. Get your blocking on point. His overheads are pretty telegraphed if he’s not in Luminous Body. If you’re fighting him at level 1 he might try to zone you, but his fireballs aren’t that great. Throw zombies in this case. He doesn’t do a whole lot of damage, but getting pissed and reckless will get you killed. Since he auto-flies after some moves you can grab him with Funny Face Crusher pretty easily.

I have yet to see someone actually use one of Firebrand’s assists. They’re mediocre and not worth the risk most of the time. You shouldn’t have much to worry about here. [/details]

Frank West

[details=Spoiler] On point:
This is a gentleman’s duel. First person to hit the other with a pie wins. This will demoralize the opponent.

But seriously, mirror matches are just a matter of playing the character better. Practice more!

Cart is annoying because it’ll push you really far. Try to hop it so you don’t get caught in guardstun. Tools are really combo-only, so that’s not a huge concern. If he starts sipping juice, beat the shit out of him.[/details]

Ghost Rider

[details=Spoiler] On point:
Block high if he’s in the air, low if he’s on the ground. That’ll stop 90% of GR’s shenanigans. Wavedash and roll your way in. Once you’re on on Johnny he can’t do much to get rid of you, especially if you keep rolling and make him commit to throwing moves out. He has super long recovery if he whiffs- punish!

Blaze is more of a combo assist character. Watch out for the buttspike though, that thing is annoying. The chain assist can catch you off guard if you’re not ready for it, but it’s not the fastest.[/details]


[details=Spoiler] On point:
The mayor and the paparazzi are kind of similar in playstyle, but Frank has way more mobility (for once) and can basically control Haggar. Stop being scared of j:h: for god’s sake, it’s super predictable. If anything you should be more worried about random lariats. Worst case scenario, ruin his momentum with frequent snapshots. Haggar has trouble catching a lot of characters, and Frank is a major offender.

That said though, there are a few people that play a totally different kind of Haggar. For an idea of what I mean, watch Curtiepie on Youtube. These Haggars are not playing the same game as you. These Haggars are competing on a worldwide high score board to see how many resets they can get. These Haggars will touch you once and then rape your face for the rest of the match. You’re going to have to look elsewhere for help on this one, because all I have to offer is run the fuck away and slide-zombie spin to make it safe.

Lariat is still a decent panic button, watch for that. Other assists don’t exist. People are playing Haggar on point more now anyway.[/details]


[details=Spoiler] On point:
Hoo boy. Hawkeye is pretty tough, especially at low levels. His zoning is solid, his slide is faster than yours, and he can hop around and be really annoying with ease. Gimlet is the ultimate bullshit detector, so don’t go whiffing moves if you can help it. NEVER throw pies, he will beat them and you’ll eat arrows. You might be able to catch him with a Funny Face Crusher, but I’d honestly just bench Frank and let someone else take point until you can get some levels through a TAC or something.

Horizontal arrows are the one you have to worry about, but they’re just a basic projectile assist. Roll or hop them, or just block and wavedash. They’re not that worrysome. Poison arrow is pretty much just for combos, though it could be thrown out to surprise I guess. Vertical arrow is easily run past.[/details]


[details=Spoiler] On point:
If you’re getting wrecked by Hsien-Ko you probably have more than a matchup issue.

Gold guillotine is made of fuck and you. Assuming they can set it up, Frank doesn’t have much to punish it with. What does work is using Survival Techniques/FFC to punish whatever the other person is doing, since they tend to get reckless when Lei Lei is swinging. This is kind of a waste of a bar, but it’s funny to watch her swing by during the cutscene.
Gongs are never used but are actually decent. I can’t even remember her other assist.[/details]


[details=Spoiler] On point:
I play Hulk, so it hurts to betray my people, but here goes. In my opinion, :m: is the new :h:. Since Hulk has combos now (and they do up to 900K!) you need to watch the hell out for it. Bad Hulks will throw armored normals out and let you combo them. Good Hulks will do three things, and I’m going to list what works against them.

  1. Blocked :m: or :h: into anti air gamma charge/downwards followup. This is Hulk’s way of keeping pressure on while staying mostly safe. The followup is an overhead, so you will have to do more than crouchblock Hulk. I recommend airblocking and responding with a :m: attack, as those have reach and come out fairly quick, as well as multiple hits in later levels. There’s another reason to do this:
  2. c:l:. Yes Hulk has one. Yes it’s slow. Yes people get caught with it. After all the high blocking it’s easy to get surprised by one of these. If you’re air blocking and he tries it you can punish for free.
  3. Command grab/throw. A very real threat now that throw teching is fixed. He can get a super or a full combo (in the corner) out of a command throw, so watch it. If you’re always air blocking a good Hulk will respond with the anti air command grab, so vary it. A whiffed command grab leaves enough time to punish.

Gamma wave is decent for zoning but easily avoided. It makes rolling a gamble though. Gamma charge is useless. Anti air gamma charge is a fantastic panic button and can give Frank a hard time, remember that it’s there if Hulk’s not on point. Also, remember that almost any combo can be DHC’d into Gamma Crush for a lot more damage. [/details]


Iron Fist

[details=Spoiler] On point:
Iron Fist wants to get in that ass. Frank has the tools (haw haw) to keep him at a short-medium distance. :m: attacks are useful for spacing. Throwing pies can be effective to break his momentum, as can a tk’d snapshot. The c:h: slide is daaaaamn good at stopping a reckless wavedashing Iron Fist. Once you get out of level 1 you have even more nifty options. Rolling can ruin his day, especially if you cancel it with other moves. Roll cancel mindgames work on everyone, but this is especially true for Danny because all of his options are at the range Frank wants to be. Once you’re high leveled just swing saws at him and laugh.

The only one I’ve seen used is the flying kick. It’s annoying if you don’t notice the startup, but even if you’re hit by it it’s not the worst thing, since it can be hard to combo off of.[/details]

Iron Man

[details=Spoiler] On point:
People play Iron Man?[/details]

Jill Valentine


Jill is in this game?


[details=Spoiler] On point:
Modok is a pain. El_Maiz summed it up well.

What does this mean for Frank? It means you slide/roll under beams and bombs and never let him have a shield to begin with. If he gets one and Frank is level 1, you may as well wait until it’s gone. If he gets one while you’re in the corner, welcome to the spanking room. Your goal is to get out of the spanking room alive. Nothing else is as important.

Psionic Blaster is a fast beam, but it’s high and you’ll see it coming since Modok is so big. Bomb is a tricky pressure assist and really effective if used correctly. Shield, if it gets out without Modok being hit, is obnoxious as hell.


[details=Spoiler] On point:
You know what I like? Having work done for me. Thanks noSkillz!

Disruptah is still pretty fast and annoying. Other two don’t matter.


[details=Spoiler] On point:
Bad Morrigans are delicious. Good Morrigans can feel untouchable. Frank doesn’t have much for air options until level 3 or higher. What works well but doesn’t do a whole lot of damage are random camera shots, since getting hit eliminates fireballs. If you can frustrate a Morrigan enough to come at you you’re in a much better position. Just block high most of the time. If she clones and starts Ikaruga mode you’re kind of stuck.

It can be hard to catch the meter assist since it’s fast, but it’s worth the effort. I’ve actually seen Shadow Blade work well as a panic button, but that’s kind of iffy. Soul Fist is dumb.[/details]

Nemesis T-Type

[details=Spoiler] On point:
Frank doesn’t have to worry about rockets too much, but the deadly reach tentacles can be annoying. He can’t keep you out forever though. One thing that I’ve found helpful is air:s:. It’s an overhead and it groundbounces, giving you a decent combo. It’s also + on block, so you can poke at him pretty effectively. Your c:h: can catch him out of most of his specials if he throws them out randomly, since they mostly hit high and it puts Frank low on the ground. Watch out for command grabs and you should be alright.

Meh. Nemmy’s assists are fairly weak if thrown on their own. Not much to worry about.



[details=Spoiler] On point:
noSkillz handled this well. It doesn’t count as betraying my fellow Novas if someone else said it, right?

Centurion Rush hits overhead and leads to difficult blocking, or with good timing, unblockables. When you see Nova pose, air block. The others don’t matter as much.


[details=Spoiler] On point:
Really not that big a threat anymore. Meter gain is slow, THC’s have a 50/50 shot at taking meter, her Xfactor runs out faster, and she has even less health. If you can snap her in, try to tag her with a FFC. If she’s mashing c:l:, give her the BLS or ST. Punishing everything with supers sounds scrubby, but it works.

Ahahaha Phoenix[/details]

Phoenix Wright

On Point:
Even though Wright’s not the best fighter, a level 1 Frank is really easily kept out by Maya shield and assists. For that reason I recommend putting him second and letting a more mobile character deal with that early phase. Once Frank is at level 2 or higher though, he’s one of the best at ruining Wright’s day. The cancelable properties of the roll let you do all sorts of obnoxious mixups- I’ve managed to even get the Maya shield to come out on the wrong side because it’s so hard to keep up.

[S]PW has the invincibullshit assists. There’s really not much to be done about them besides block. You may have to watch out for the Missile assist in case of a high/low mixup, but most people won’t use a Wright assist until he’s in turnabout and ridiculous. Rolling through or using :d::db::b::atk::atk: can surprise people with the invincibility though, since people tend to throw Wright out all the time and swing wildly.[/S]
I’m…I’m so sorry Nick. I don’t know what Capcom was thinking when they did this to you. We’re making a support group. So far we have Tron, Thor, and Hsien-Ko. We’d love for you to attend.[/details]


Rocket Raccoon

[details=Spoiler] On point:
He’s really not that bad. His zoning game is weak, and his main means of offense are left-right mixups with the burrow and high-lows with his air stuff. This just comes down to blocking fundamentals. He doesn’t do a lot of damage anyway, so you can afford to mess up once or twice. One thing that needs to be mentioned: watch the fuck out for random level 3s. They hit fast, and they hurt.

The log isn’t so much of a threat as much as it takes up space you’d like to be in. It’s an obnoxious defensive assist when used well. Don’t telegraph your uses of j:s: or air:d::h: if you can help it. The blue balls and the trap aren’t as important.[/details]






To be c:m:'d



To be torpedo’d



To be stared at






To be webbed



To be rained on

Strider Hiryu

[details=Spoiler] On point:
I haven’t seen as many Striders as I was expecting. I blame Maximilian for the ones I’ve seen, because they’ve all been anchors. He is really damn fast. His teleports are fairly slow though, and you can do decent reaction punishes. His zoning is nothing to write home about. Level 3 Xfactor orbs are goddamn irritating though. I haven’t found a good way out aside from taking the chip, but it beats getting hit.

Everyone I’ve seen uses the teleport kick assist. It’s pretty good lockdown. Good players will use it to start mixups, so watch your head and feet. I don’t even know what his other assists are.[/details]

Super Skrull


To be best friends forever




To be arrowed



To be punished



To be harvested

Tron Bonne


To be…I don’t even know anymore. I’m sorry Tron. I’m sorry for what they did to you.


[details=Spoiler] On point:
Not nearly as bad as it seemed. Everything this guy does in unsafe, and his teleports are very punishable. He also relies on meter tremendously, so you can be a bit more reckless if they start him on point because he won’t have as many damage options if you get hit. That said, just block and punish. Most Vergils right now are overly aggressive and will eventually make a mistake. Don’t push block, just beat them down.

I can’t remember the ones I saw being overly annoying. Most of them are on point.[/details]

Viewtiful Joe


To be Six Cannoned



Fuck this guy.



To be dive kicked (maybe)



To be level 3’d no matter what you do



To be spun on

5 posts should be enough for 50 characters, I think. Post away!


I have to admit, I opened up all of the spoiler tags to read all of the “to be X” variations. (LOL Hsien-ko.)


Speculation so far, but I think that he’ll have a hard time against MODOK. If you keep a shield up, there’s no way that Frank can hit you with a snapshot. Then you can just keep him out with beams and analyze cubes all day.

This is one instance where the huge hitbox of his picture is a disadvantage. If it hits the shield, which it really can’t avoid, the entire hitbox is destroyed. Works on swords, too.

However, once he gets to level 2 somehow, he’s going to give MODOK a harder time. The roll lets him escape MODOK’s pressure (Maybe) and would also help him get through projectiles and mix up MODOK, who doesn’t have the best short ranged defensive options.


I believe that if the roll has invincibility on the first frames, Frank can avoid a lot of crap its not even funny. Its like a teleport but only punished during it rather at the end.

Lets not even list down how effective it is for offence, and how you only need to play footsies (camersies?) sucessfully 5 times, or 1 beginner’s combo.


I think a lot of frank’s match up write ups in this thread are gonna look like. Get to level blank and then you can …
Example the super skrull match up changes when you get to lvl 3 because it means you can hyper grab his ass if he does any type of meteor smash.
Currently I think frank’s greatest strengths will be his Potential lvl 4/5 TODs and his cvs2 rolls.
But he needs level 2 to be affective in most match ups.


Yeah, level is going to matter a lot. I’ll try to go into more depth though, even if the answer is basic (eg: roll around all their bullshit).


What I still wanna know is the spread on the camera how far it actually hits and where?
If it’s full screen frank will slaughter Pheonix (the non lawyer).


RUN! RUN! WHELP! YOU MAY Smile! Smile! Smile!


At least at level 1 I can confirm the camera not hitting full screen away characters. :frowning:


I put up some notes (of varying quality but eh) on the 12 new people. I’d do write ups on more characters, but no one is playing them right now argh argh


I just want to say Dorm seems to give Frank a hard time, mainly because of his good anti airs and flame carpet making it hard to get normals in, and if you’re calling an assist and taking snaps he can stuff that in one chaotic flame. Once you level up and don’t have to take so many risks it become a little bit better as your normals have good reach to stuff his crouching or standing M, but it’s still tough to get in sometimes.

Also I played a pretty good Spencer for a while there and it seems like busting out your Kodak is one of your best bets because of Nate’s relative lack of zoning and need for momentum which you can stop dead. Be warned, however, because if you try to snapshot an incoming horizontal zipwire, the snapshot loses and Spencer’s got the jump on you. Another thing is Spencer’s fairly good normals beat yours in terms of speed so pokes are little bit risky.

I keep saying ‘seems’ because a) it’s early days and b) I’m new to these parts, so I’m expecting and hoping to be corrected and enlightened.


Okay. This Vergil guy. What does frank do on point against him? I keep hearing he’s unsafe, but everything he does goes into that infinite blockstring HSHSHSHS…

I know I can pushblock that, but I can’t pushblock and PUNISH it, so…everything he does feels safe.


Frank’s Matchups will be dependent on the following:
[]Do they have a teleport?
]Can they zone easily?
[]Are they very mobile?
]Do they have a ridiculous assist (Turnabout Wright, Anything with Dr. Doom, and so forth)
By these standards, Frank’s worst Match-ups will likely be Jean, Hawkeye, Deadpool, and most likely Racoon, Ammy, and Firebrand.


Roll has no invincibilty, as the book says though, it’s great after down H to cancel the recovery, with an assist.


Yeah, that’s confusing me. The bible definitely says there’s no invuln, but I’ve rolled right through beams and shit. There’s probably some on startup or something.


I think he just has a really tiny hitbox.