To Kill a Psychopath- The Frank West Matchup Thread

Back to matchups. Anyone have anything against ghost rider as level 1 frank? I’ve found closing the distance, and air-to airing with j.MM has pretty good success, with a possibility of comboing from it. Slide also makes j.S whiff at certain ranges. Not getting a lot of mileage out of projectiles, but I’m not very experience with franks zoning yet.

getting Roll obviously helps, as slide XX roll makes getting in a breeze.Hitting level 4 lets frank spam j.MM all day and he gets invulnerability on the anti-air super, so rider’s j.S is no longer an issue as much.

I laughed so fucking hard reading these.

Seriously, amazing job with the tags and descriptions. Level 3 Comedy Factor.

Also, maybe go against highlevel CPU to get data for characters that nobody/few people play?

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Update: first page is done. Will add more later. Chun info would be appreciated.

Here’s some of my experiences so far ('ll add more later):

lvl 1: hard. His normals beat everything you have. Frank’s normals are too slow and have too little reach to really do anything. Tag out/chicken block/ or try to keep him out.
lvl 2: still hard. Roll makes things better but he can still punish the recovery. Not as bad as lvl 1 but you’d probably want to tag out
lvl 3: more favorable for mags. Added range is really good for air to air (only place mags should be unless they’re disrupting). Chicken block and use j.:m: a lot. Try to use cr.:m: as ground to air. It has good range and lowers your hit box.
lvl 4/5: j.:m: all day. seriously, they’ll be forced to back up and start doing disruptor. Just roll to get closer or something and repeat.

pretty much same as mags. He’ll dominate you until you reach lvl 4/5. Try to stay on the ground so you can counter their bionic arm with SoT at lvl 3 and above. You can roll first then cancel roll with the super on reaction. It’s still a bad match though. If you do jump j.:m:, he’ll punch you. If you stay on the ground, he’ll zipline and put in a mixup. Try to keep him out and play smart and play by reaction. Be careful about throws since he can dish out some good damage from them.

I actually like this match. Frank has tools at all lvls. Instant overhead with j.:lp:, j.:m:, to whatever for a good way to open him up. All of Frank’s:m: normals are good. Slide to go under high mouth beam. Just be careful about the armor on Sent’s normals and his mouth beam. The trick in this match up is to try to stay in Sent’s face. Don’t give him breathing room to allow the armored normals to make contact. Try to be as close as possible and be in the air mostly, but be wary of throws.
lvl 3-5 rapes him no matter what so you don’t have to worry too much.

hard in early lvls. What makes him scary is his damage output. He’s pretty slow in general so you can react to him with :m: normals. Zoning him can work too. At lvl 3 and above it gets much easier since you have a lot of range and it’ll force Nova to stay grounded, making hm less effective. The real threat is when he’s in the air. Just react to what he does. Be careful about his tridash :lp:. When he goes down in a straight angle, it’s really hard to block. Block high most of the time too. His lows are slow and easy to react too. Play defensive and just react. Don’t pushblock so you can punish. Be careful about throws as well.

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A bit more info, I’ll add to the one’s that haven’t been covered yet.

You want to keep her out. Tron players get in by air, going for cross ups, option select throws, and that ground bounce. You want to keep her out until you can land a hit to level up. In early levels, use the range on Frank’s :m: normals to keep her out and be ready for the throws. Zombies and pies work during the neutral game, just remember to be at least mid screen when throwing things. Her mixups at close range can catch people off guard when you’re not used to them. Don’t rely on chicken blocks because Tron is pretty good at hitting Frank’s toes (she also has a command throw that ca convert into big damage with the use of assists). You want to lvl up as soon as possible because Tron does not have any real reliable way to counter chainsaws (spam j:m: all day).

Super Skrull:
This match up relies all on momentum. If Frank can set up the pressure, Skrull can’t really do anything. His normals are quite slow and have poor range, except for a few. Skrull shines mid range, don’t let him set up command throws and meteor smash shenanigans. This match can be a problem in lower levels as Skrull can just snatch at you and convert into pretty good damage. LIkewise, you cant really zone him out because he has command throws, meteor smash and some long reaching normals. At lvl 4+ Frank can react to some of Skrull’s tricks. You can use anit air super, surivial technique or even j:m: on reaction to teleport and limbs. The command throws can be stopped with survival techniques or roll. Don’t get too predictable because Skrull can counter punish as well.

This can be a pretty bad matchup. Vergil can out range you in most cases (outside of lvl4+) and can sometimes be hard to punish with Frank’s slow normals. If the vergil player has the right spacing and assist, it might seem impossible to hit him. Be wary of teleport mixups with assists and don’t pushblock. Use your :m: normals and try to level up as soon as possible (you also might want to tag out if you can’t get anything going). My experiences so far have been quite bad with this matchup (curse you Richard Nguyen!) and I usually have a hard time doing anything. Luckily he has low health and his specials can be punished quite easily (normals on the other hand can be difficult to punish because he has that :h::s::h::s: cancel that he can spam and make things really hard to punish). It might be wise not to fight him at anything lower than lvl 4, use your other characters for this match.

Keep him out, no matter what. He still hurts like crazy and you’ll get sick of watching the same relaunch/divekcik combo over and over again if you give him the chance. Berserker slash is still good even with the nerf. Use your zombies and pies. Be careful when jumping as logan has a good air throw and can convert it into good damage/kill. Anticipate a divekick when they jump and punish accordingly. Zombies + assists can be quite useful but be careful about being happy b-dayd. Lvl 4 saws really mess him up and beats almost everything he has .

Another character you want to always be on your toes with. She has tools for everything you have. Be careful of her mixups, she has some of the best left/right mixups in the game when used with assists. She can also just opt for the command throw so watch out for that. You want to stay airborne and force the other player to do the same. Frank is just to slow on the ground to do anything against her. Saws beat her so lvl up as soon as possible. ONly zone her out when she has no meter, her super can go through everything (it has more invincibility than your super even at lvl4/5). The invincibility on roll can help you be safe but cancel into something after the roll because she can chase you and punish.


Air Dash H got you down? Difficult to contend with? J.M stuffs that clean! If you see nova anti air and move in, respond with an immediate J.M! Learn the spacing and you will see success! This can lead to a HUGE combo as frank has some pretty easy to pull off jump loops.

Energy Javelin Energy Javelin Energy Javelin
Having trouble dealing with the more zoney Nova’s? No problem, Light Hammer Swing goes straight through the shield, and recovers so quick theres almost no way he will punish this from full screen without either a super or some team synergy THC gimmick. Try it out! Along with the knockdown it causes (i think it always causes atleast a soft knockdown because i do it pretty late in some of my Lv5 combos) you can start some pretty easy pressure off a single throw, pressure that the Nova player doesn’t get for hitting you with an Energy Javelin, making it YOU (EVEN @ LEVEL 1) who wins the zoning war. Obviously factor assists into this gameplan as well.

:f::h: also works well against Nova if you can start throwing it out before he gets the shield up. It’ll stuff the startup of shield or the recovery of javelin (which gets rid of the javelin) if you throw it around the same time he’s doing his respective move.