To late for 3s?

So Ive been playing SSFIV for about 6-7months now and it actually was the very first Street Fighter I’ve ever got into seriously. I play everyday and I’ve actually been thinking about getting into the older SF such as 3s. The matches from 3s look very exciting and the characters seem pretty cool along with the combos. My question to 3s players would be is it to late to get into? I heard a rumor that 3s online was gonna kick off on the new consoles and I think it would be cool to start playing but I don’t know if it’s to late to get into as far as skills go? Any thoughts?:confused:

It’s never too late. If you like the game you’ll put in the time and end up a competent player. That’s all there is to it.

Lots of new people who started with SF4 are going to jump on board when OE comes out on the big consoles. You won’t be alone. The whole point of the release is to give those people a chance to take the game for a spin. You’ll know what to do after that.

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YES, play this game. Best fighting game ever! Never too late!

See, this is why I’m worried about 3SO. I imagine it being like the GGPO scrubs times 1000X. You know they’re going to pick Ryu/Ken and maybe Akuma, mash SRK on wakeup, rely on Hadoukens, and maybe pick Dudley and repeatedly try to link crLPx2 into EX Machine Gun Blow. So might wait a month until the SF4 players get bored and go back to playing Halo or some shit. No offense, but the vast majority of SF4 players are really, really, really, really bad. Plus we can only hope for more awesome netcode from Capcom…

I totally agree with you on this note. No tellin how many Ryu scrubs I’ve encountered online that mash that DP for realsies. I’m probably a scrub myself considering Ive only been playing SF for about a year total career. I love it and I guess that the greats started some where right? All I’m trying to say is I appreciate the series enough to try out the “great 3S” that people proclaim is superior to “chocolate”. BTW I was considering Yun for 3S I know his around top tier but I saw Pyrolee play him and I was amazed.

BTW I’d also like to mention that I heard there’s no rooom for scrubiness in 3s as far as execution goes. Somthing that Super;s known for.

I’m kinda surprised that you mentioned Pyrolee, considering many others usually bust out Japanese players’ names in terms of skills. But that’s a good choice, considering he was and probably still is the best in America.

Yun’s definitely a good pick(2nd best character in the game), but you’ll probably go through some rough bumps since he’s not as easy to play as Chun or Ken at first. He can be fun to play though; learning Geneijin combos and setups is neat and satisfying, especially once you get good enough to do some sick shit like the KO Ender or Karapalms…that’s gonna take a long while though so don’t worry about those.

And I’m not sure how I would compare 3S execution to Super’s considering I haven’t played SF4 in ages, but I imagine it’ll be stricter I guess. The controls aren’t really as sensitive(they’re not stiff though) and there are fewer shortcuts I assume, but if you play any other 2D fighter then 3S won’t feel any different. You’ll get used to it after maybe a solid week or two of play, maybe even faster.


Yun takes a lot of dedication
here’s the Genei Jin combo list for you to have fun with

A couple of tips before you start playing 3s

Tip 1 - forget everything you’ve learned in SF4, while some of it is helpful (very little), you have to start from zero. This is why scrubs will be mashing DPs all day, because they don’t wanna relearn anything, they wanna start higher than zero and start leveling up from where they left in SF4. Huge mistake of course.

Tip 2 - Forget bullshit SF4 Yun, 3s Yun is the real Yun :lovin:

Mmm. Yeh it’s been reiterated a billion times in other threads but try to let go of what you learned in sf4. The thing is you’ll always hold on to the most useful bits you pick up from any game, whether it be execution, spacing, knowing how to block, knowing how to apply pressure, etc. The specifics though vary so it’s best to just let go of those specifics and play it fresh.

Assume what works in sf4 won’t and go from there. You’ll be a lot less frustrated and you’ll have more fun.

As for inputs, I would still say 3s is very lenient and if anything the window for inputs+what seems to be the speed at which it accepts inputs allows for what I think is a much smooth and easier way of doing inputs. In sf4 walk up 360s are awful to me but in 3s they’re easy.

Have fun with it. Make sure to ask questions when you don’t understand something. The worst thing you can do is jump to the wrong conclusion. If someone destroys you and you’re not sure why, ask them.

btw all of these threads should really just be compiled and made into some new thread, it’d be simpler I think. Like a repository for people entirely new to the game.

stMK, HK Stomp Crossup, Taunt.

I think people should just play the fucking game instead of “Should I?” or “How is it different from xyz?”

OP if you read this, play the fucking game.

I was playing fallout new vegas the other day

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if anything its easier to learn today than 11 years ago. theres a lot thats been discovered and a lot of information out there (not necessarily here on srk).

This is true. The info is out there, so it’s up to you with what you want to do.

Anyway, it’s never too late to learn a good game.