To Mash Or Not To Mash?

hey my team is wesker/dante/akuma

I just wanted to see how many people mash :l:,:m:, or :h: after doing weskers :f::h: or his butter fly (wall bounce). Seeing how im an sf4 player and i never mash any buttons, it is kind of weird pressing a button 10 times just to get one move. I have been trying to press the buttons only once but the timing is annoying after his :f::h: :sad: …So is mashing normal in competitive play for MvC:confused:? Oh and I know some characters require you to mash a button to get a certain move but I realized that you only have to press the button twice to get a move out. For example, getting dante to shoot the floor for an OTG requires only :df::h::h: instead of :df::h::h::h::h::h: but I guess most of you already knew that.
heres a good example [media=youtube]pf1Xcm5jxCA&feature=player_embedded[/media]

Here’s the problem… yes mashing will help make sure you get the move out, but I feel it actually makes your reaction time slower. If you’re going tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tappity-tap-tap, you’re in a constant state of “did it work? If no, repeat, if yes, continue.” When it finally works you have to stop, realize that it worked, and already be ready with your next move. While this may be easy to some, I feel like it slows me down. Often I’ll get an extra button tap that could’ve been used for something more important. Or it’ll screw up my next attack.

I dunno, I feel like zeroing in your muscle memory to that window so that it becomes second nature is the better choice.

i press the button twice to guarantee that i get the teleport.

When you don’t know the timing, you have to mash to get the teleport in most situations. Online it’s auto-triple tap at least…it sucks landing some sweet cross up teleport into qcf, M and then not get L teleport to keep things rolling.

Mashing or double tapping doesnt work in this game IMO.

L teleport needs to be pressed before wall bounce, H is basically at wallbounce or later.

I somewhat agree. Double tap definitely doesn’t work for chains (there seems to be some minor input stacking going on…you’re allowed to input some parts of a chain early, at least with x-23). It works for teleport, but forget that shit now because…

…now I know the timing. Learn something new errrryday. :slight_smile:

I memorize the timing for :df:+:h: because I find that to be less crucial than say, the timing of the assist coming down off a sj (which by now I’ve memorized). I do double tap the teleport still… but often not because I just know it’s just after the bullet fires. I think of it as “when it hits.”

I think traditional double-tapping is suited for this (and it does work, inputs in training mode will tell ya)

hit the button when you hear the gunshot.

bottom line.

Im having trouble dealing with the Wesker Mashers. Can anyone help? It seems difficult to counter even if it’s a naked Gun > Teleport. My Anti Airs and Instants just have trouble getting in on him.

Im doing better againts Dante Teleports since he only has one. Please help I know this is the Wesker Thread I think he’s awsome but in the wrong hands he’s annoying to deal with. Thanks.

well im no expert, but for starters tell us your team…
(edit: is that it in your avatar?)
in that case i have no clue how to help you with those specific characters cuz i know nothing about them but i can tell you weskers weaknesses…his teleport is not as insane as you think… if you know the distance, you will know where he will teleport (unless he does it twice then its a bit harder)… if you play keep away, its actually hard for wesker to get in believe it or not… cuz if he teleports from full screen he will be a few steps after mid screen… at this point, he can drop to the floor(if in the air) or teleport again but this time he will be behind you… you know what? I actually have no idea what im saying… i honestly do not know his weaknesses… anyone care to help us??? knowing his weaknesses can actually help me…

…so in other words he’s in the right hands? Ba boom pssssht! Cause you see he’s giving you trouble…never mind.

For the guns, I’ve been mashing, but I’m just not used to the timing yet. I’ve gotten used to the timing for Ghost Butterfly, though.

This. Being a Chun-Li player, I’m already used to double tapping stuff to just get extra inputs for Legs. I noticed I was missing the timing on Teleports after Butterfly and Samurai Edge so I just now double tap and I get it every time.

I figure if it works for me and I’m landing BnBs, I don’t care.

I teleport high hit H on the way down (not too soon else it won’t combo) then spam H till it performs (never fails to work so why not). It’s a double kick so it gives plenty time to stop spamming. Since it’s a double I can do anything from it, level 3 hyper, launch, etc.

If It’ll work I’ll spam it. If it’s a risk I won’t. Wesker is more spamable than others I find. I can’t spam Spencer at all.

I do double taps. Works 100% of the time.

Well yes that’s my primary team but I also play Chris y/Storm a/and Haggar a and more frequently because they are a much funner team. Avatar was before release; Good team but has loop holes.

Since the last post i’ve been doing better as chris team and getting use to a lot of things like his teleport. But still any help would be fine.