To New Adon Players.... Don't give up

I think it is great that Adon is getting a lot of attention after GamerBee’s performance @ Evo. Many of the main posters in the sub-forum have said for a while that Adon is a strong character.


As many of the Adon players will find out and many other “veteran” Adon players know too well, trying to replicate GamerBe’s Adon will be very difficult and frustrating. (we?ve watched him for months now) Adon’s main “flaw” is that to play him at a high level and to be competitive you have really know his character and the game engine itself.

Characters like Rog, Blanka, Guile, Honda, can blast through many characters at moderate levels of play due to the strengths built in to their characters. However, Adon is not this way.

These are some of the advanced thinking GamerBee had to do to be competitive. Many of the techniques take incredible timing and placement.

  • Ambiguous Cross.- Ups
  • Neutral Safe Jumps
  • Safe Jump > Option Select RJ
  • IAJK> Combo
  • Option select throw tech/ lk combo starter.

I am all for the new interest in Adon, I just don’t want people to think that it is going to “easy” to play him. It takes a lot of work; he is not easy to play. GamerBee deserves a huge amount of Respect for playing as well.

Have fun learning/ playing Adon. We are all here to help each other out. Adon will take a lot of practice. Just be aware of what you are in for. :razzy:


I noticed that gamerbee would also use jumping jaguar kick as a fakeout to net a throw as well. Either that or he just messed up. Seems like a good way to score an untechable knockdown though.

I noticed that Gamerbee liked to set up counter-hit standing fierce for CH combos. He went in with some crouching shorts, and as soon as the opp. threw out a tech he hit them with CH s.fierce into c.strong xx rising jag. I’m wondering what jump-in normal was he using for option select rising jag, the one which he used three times in a row against Ross’ Honda.

Haven’t seen the match yet but my guess would be either safe jump j.fp or ambiguous, or if its possible to os iajk. One of the three most likely.

Haven’t seen the match yet but my guess would be either safe jump j.fp or ambiguous, or if its possible to os iajk. One of the three most likely.

I think GamerBee showed that Adon is good back when he did the sets against Daigo, few months ago. Adon is good, period. I don’t really understand why someone needs to win EVO matches to make the community realize that.


Re-read Recommended. A+ post.



Gamerbee wasn’t really pulling out alot of new tricks, he just had amazing reaction and execution with a solid character. He knew his spacing and reacted to anything the other player did with the given adon tool for the specific spacing. You showed a pattern or weakness? Punish. You didn’t know that was a safe jump? Punish. You didn’t know you can’t safe jump adon? Punish. You’re jumping in? Punish. You’re pressing buttons that come out in more than three frames and you’re in adon’s jab range? Punish. You’re blocking everything? Throw. Alot of impressive play by Gamerbee, his reactions were just scary good.

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This is a the main problem with gaming communities everywhere. Shooters experience the same disdain with certain weapons, then someone will take a weapon and rape with it and shock everyone. I remember people thinking the Biogun in Unreal Tournament was absolute shit when the game was released~ lol to them. People need to challenge their thinking.

its true what riki said. he didnt really do anything outstanding(except for the great use of OS) or anything new(well at least not to me), but im not degrading him at all. the games been out for 3 months, thats enough time to know the match up.

Even if he didnt do anything new that only makes jwongs defeat more bitter as he should have known about the matchup. And i agree gamerbee’s reactions and such were just hella scary.

All i can say is if he can do that after 3 months give it another year and we might see adon win evo 2011. Hey it could happen.

I think it is great that GB was able to bring Adon to the “big stage.” Mike played exceptionally well & deserves his win. But, it is nice to see that the community now acknowleges Adon as a solid character.

We need to start cracking on a list of Adon option selects

Please yes. I’m just starting to incorporate them in my game and that would be a big help.

Other than the thread that I started like a month ago, and got like 1 or 2 replies?

…I’m alright with that. Maybe ppl will actually pay attention now with the influx of Adon players?

wow, after a year, i cant even imagine. theres some vids of him doing money matches after evo and damn, i cant believe he knows the match ups against the players he fought, and only after 3 months. hes taiwanese right? maybe theyre hiding something from us…but anyways, bruce(gamerbee) is just an amazing player, end of story.

U only got like 1 reply from that post.
I did read it but there was acutally not alot of stuff.
So could u make a example of adon’s safe jump first?
I heard after the forward throw u do 66 right away then 9 it suppouse to be a safe jump is this true?

Heres the definition of a safe jump(from HDR)
“Do a jumping attack against the knocked down opponent so that you land only a couple frames after they fully stand up. Most reversal attacks cant hit instantly, so you will be able to land and block if they try one. If they dont do a reversal attack, they will be forced to block your jump in…” His neutral jump HK is a good normal for safe jumping. In this [media=youtube]d0tXSZGv06U[/media] , at 59 seconds, you see the adon player neutral jump HK and the gen player does a reversal special kick(wth is that called!?) but it doesnt hit the adon player since it was a safe jump.
As for your 2nd question, thats a cross up and those aren’t ALWAYS safe jumpable.

No real place for this so I’ll put it here… I played Dan exclusively in vanilla (and Ive been playing SF since World Warrior albeit casually) but was a bit disappointed with his minor tweaks in Super so I started to search for a new main. Tried guy first as I loved him in the Alpha series, wasn’t feeling him, tried Adon next as, again, I liked him in Alpha but couldn’t quite get in the right mindset to play him. Then on to Dudley… that was fun for awhile and I think I had a minor epiphany.

I’ve since gone back to Adon with Dan as my alt and my win rate has seen a drastic increase. I’ve started to actually think about shit now. Added just one of the things from your list and saw a huge improvement in my game and have made tentative attempts at some o the others.

My point? Don’t look for a “hero” to validate your character choice, for me jumping from one to another helped me understand the game mechanics in a way I never did before and as a result I can more effectively use the tools the characters I enjoy have to offer. For others it will come from sticking with a single character doggedly but in the end the same is true: who the fuck cares what happened at EVO, win or lose look to the pros for new ways of using your character. It doesn’t matter if they won or not, there is just as much information to be had in a loss.

The end.

P.S. I’m drunk on bourbon.

Thank you for the positivity and trying to help us newbies, and not just shitting on people for bandwaggoning.