To people with experience with sticks

I just got my te stick no this is not one of those threads, I have a problem.

Maybe not a serious problem, but a problem I think that maybe some insight may help as I just dropped 150 dollars and am half tempted to call madcatz.

I broke open the box and everything was all gravy until I ended up playing for about 5-10 mins then I noticed a bubble where I rest my stick hand. Which if I might say is a nice space.

It looks to me as though during production the cover on the face of the te stick either a bubble was under it during production and no one noticed or the face is on wrong(I doubt the latter). Either way I have a bubble on the face.

Should I just ignore this would it go away over time, should I try to rest a book on it or something before I call them? Would/should madcatz even help?

You have a bubble on your stick? Damn man…

call a doctor or something.

i’d repost in the tech area call madcatzs man its only day one

if it really bothers you if it where me i would not care

Call or contact MadCatz would be my advice, unless the store you bought it from has extras and are willing to exchange it for you. Hell, MarkMan works at MadCatz, and he posts here often.

But yeah, still a stick thread. Probably better to post in Tech Talk or General Discusssion.

EDIT: Already answered by craze

I’m pretty sure that is normal seeing as how the art is removable. From the pictures I’ve seen it looks like a thin sheet of plastic with stuff printed on it.

Yeah man thanks. I called them and they were real nice, said that I could unmount the front if I wanted to but that I could send it in for repairs. He as stated that as long as I didn’t “mess with the inards”(loose translation), that I would be fine.

Thanks craze I’m not gonna worry about it too much, maybe sleep on it.

I would be a little peeved too as I’d also expect my stick to be perfect. Is there any way you can lift the cover up and squeeze the bubble out?

Nah actually it’s just the art that bubbled on the left side or my default stick hand. There isn’t a enclosed bubble or a sealed area with a bubble inside it. The artwork was put on the stick and then the stick was put into two phome(sp) packaging pieces that protected it inside the box that I think is really what caused the art to bubble. When the art was put on top of the stick they either didn’t wait for the glue to set or the art came loose because of the phome moving the art out of place.

Kinda a freak thing ya know.

I can either glue it, or I can send it to madcatz. My question is if I would get used to it as I don’t have any experience with sticks. I’ll get used to it for now and if it pisses me off too much I’ll send it in.

I say don’t waste your time sending it in and waiting weeks for it to come back… just change the art completely!

Yeah he could do that, but it’s a bit of a pain in the arse that he has to do that. Besides the default artwork being not too bad, it’s an extra cost to change it on top of an already expensive joystick!