To players that still use Happ american sticks


Did you try the Korean Omni sticks?
Share your overall experience with it.

I have three types (happ competition, korean, sanwa) and I find myself in the middle ground with the Omni rev #3 on all types of fighters. This is a quality stick built like a tank.


I find the Korean sticks to be vastly different to Happs and Wicos. The rubber grommet makes a world of difference. While I hear that it’s a great stick for Tekken, especially since it does a very good job holding single, directional inputs, I find it mushy and very resistant towards QC, HC, and DP inputs.


The pcb on this thing is magnificent though. Being it is a multi-platform stick is an added bonus. I find the stick parts to be a cornerstone to those trying to adapt to all kinds of sticks.
I used JP sticks for several years only and I can’t stand the ball tops. At work this morning I slipped my hand a couple times on the Jp stick accidentally using Fei long and Dictator on my lap.

The sensitivity is also too high with the button pressing for my tastes similarly to first person shooters laser gaming mice whereas I prefer optical mice for shooters.
I will always have fond memories for happ sticks in the 90s arcades in NYC. The Omni parts fall around in the middle area for me between Sanwa and Happ. Not too high sensitivity or too low sensitivity.

Heck, Infiltration eliminated Daigo a few times at Evo with the Omni against his Sanwa.


One of the best setups I’ve ever had the privilege of using was a Sanwa JLW with a custom-made metal circle gate with LS-32 or 40 spring and a swappable bat top or ball top. Felt as close to a Wico360 as I could get without having one.

I can kinda relate to FPS problems. I’m used to bargain bin Microsoft 3-button mice with a regular scroll wheel and a rubber ball in it. The drag it had felt really nice and much more tactical feedback than this new laser/optical stuff. But hey, gotta change with theh times.

As usual, it’s all a matter of preference. They do have bat top adapters you can put on Japanese, but it really only feels right with a circle gate. I don’t ever believe there’s ever an actual mechanical advantage in using this stuff as long as it’s consistently functional. It’s all about what you’re comfortable with.