To put art behind the plungers, you have to use seimitsu buttons?

I’m a little unclear as to how it’s done. Is it just a matter of taking the plunger out of a seimitsu transparent button and putting your art in there?

Urth’s Guide: How to put art under clear Seimitsu buttons

^ Use that guide to find out how to do it.

Just for Seimitsu buttons? Well… the plungers yeah. But you can buy Sanwa buttons, take out the switches, and put them in the Seimitsu buttons so that they have that same sensetivity (or so I’ve heard).

I wonder how I missed that guide? I did a few searches and never saw it. Cool.

I’d much rather use Sanwa buttons but I guess Seimitsu will do. Not like I’d know the difference.

I’m using Semitsu buttons for the first time on my new stick because I wanted the clear plungers, but I’m really not into the buttons. I’m thinking about Sanwas and switching out the guts if that is easy enough to do.

^ Pm the user TheRealNeoGeo

He has a video on how to do the whole thing I believe… or search his name on youtube.

Actually here:

Wait… its not on there… PM him.

Swapping the microswotches only works with the Snap in Seimitsu’s (PS-14 K), so if you have the screw-in version, it’s not going to work

Tutorial on swapping the microswitches: (thanks to TRNG)

you must have the discontinued ps-14-k buttons to put sanwa guts in them. If your using the ps-14-kn’s that are available now you can’t put sanwa guts in them. The size of the actuators and the plungers are different.