To put to rest all of CDL's bullshit

We finally played. I won. Funny thing is, HE used autofire. Proven when I went into the input test of the menu and held jab. I get a solid 1, indicating that my button was held down. He had a 1 mixed with a 0, repeating at a rapid rate, indicating the use of turbo. When questioned about it, the response was “yeah, just like you”. I repeat as I stated earlier, I do NOT cheat. Anyone who’s met or played with me knows this. The little moron even thinks my START button is autofire.

Now, I normally don’t bitch about others online. There morons, to be sure, but very few TRULY get my goat. However, this little scrotum sac even had the nerve to accuse ME of crying desynch when I won. But, i got something for that. See attached pic for details. He was Gief, I was vega first fight. I won, he stated that HE won. So I said we must have desynched. Heres the rest of THAT conversation.

Anyway, mr. (ms?) cdl, howsabout this. lets fight on zbattle. Theres NO button delay, NO turbo included in the emulator thats usable in online play, and NO lag. That way, it’s sure to be fair, and I’ll go ahead and own you cleanly.

reply to this challenge, or stifle your shit.

GGPO, no re k thx

Whats even funnier is that even with auto he still can’t do shit!

First off, I tried to put an end to the whole thing in that super long thread by saying, my mistake, noone cheats. I did this because I gave all the info I had and noone seemed to think anyone was cheating. Oh well. I also mentioned in that thread that I would use auto-fire if I suspected others were using it.

I played you straight up and let you do whatever moves you wanted with Zangief. You said how easy you could do spinning pile drivers while standing “empty.” I backed off and let you display your skills. Instead, you showed me buffering moves into the spinning piledriver. I told you that I could do this.

You then said, lets fight. I won with Ken. You didn’t rejoin. You said DESYNCH. I rehosted. You won with Zangief twice against my Ken. I switched to Fei Long and beat you 2 times. You win with Zangief and I notice that your stomach crunch move was way faster than the previous round when you did the same move. I say, hmmmmm. I switch to Zangief. I toggle on my auto-fire on all buttons. I proceed to spinning pile drive you to death 2 rounds in a row. In those rounds, you were able to break my auto-fire stomach crunch almost immediately with your so called non-auto-fire controller. How is this possible I thought? On the third fight, you pick VEGA and say you DESYNCH for a third time. I say (which is in your pic) "dude really are you gonna say desynch everytime I win?

You say you took a screen shot and then said, “let me host.” I let you host and you immediately goto the setup where you say push jab. I show you my auto-fire and say I suspected you were using it as well. We stay at the setup screen unable to exit. Although my punches and kicks were turbo, my start button was not. However, when you pushed the start button, yours showed 1/0/1/0/1/0 like my turbo jabs.

Funny thing about your fuzzy screen shot though. You show DEE JAY standing over a fallen VEGA and you show our conversation from way after 6-8 rounds of play. Yet, in your above post, you claim that I was ZANGIEF and you were VEGA in the first match and here is the rest of the conversation. When I clearly asked you to prove your moves with ZANGIEF first, which you tried to do. Not to mention how fuzzy that gif is.

No doubt, everyone here will bash me and say I am making all this up, but I think you were trying to set me up fatherbrain.

The only reason I accepted your challenge was to see if you could do those spinning pile drivers like you said. I don’t care if you are better than me (which you weren’t). You couldn’t do those moves as easily as you made out. Not as easily as Ryu1999 who I said I thought cheated. Take that for whatever it’s worth.

Of course, you saw how easily I spammed those pile drivers and broke your combos by holding down auto-fire. And as for the jab setup screen. Dude, it takes 5 seconds to hit TAB and toggle the auto-fire buttons off in MAME. Even faster on an auto-fire controller. It’s a single button click. I could toggle mine as easily as anybody could.

As for the DESYNCH’s. I had 32 ping, you had 30. Both on GOOD CONNECTION. Funny how it supposedly only DESYNCHED when you lost. Another funny thing is, on that server, it will tell you if the game DESYNCHS. It will say, “Player 2 is lagged.” Funny how this message never popped up on my screen.

Tell you what then. How bout we get together on my day off, you, me, and 2, count em 2, other people to watch the match. I nominate Mr. Karate (cuz he thinks like you do) and …oh, pretty much anyone else, to watch and judge the matches. that way, there will even be witneses.

Or, we could do it on zbatle and I’ll record the shit.

Young Ic3, remember what I brought to the tournament?

School this little fucktard on my “autofire” controler please.

Dude, did you even read the above post? I don’t need 2 people to come in and watch the match. You said in defense of Ryu1999 that you could do the spinning pile driver with ease. You really didn’t show me that. Nothing you did moves wise is as quick as the stuff I have seen Ryu1999 do, which, to say it one more time, is why I think he uses macros. I really don’t give a damn who is the better player between me and you. I won the majority of the matches we played. You say you desynched. Whatever. I suspected auto-fire when your ZANGIEF Stomach Crunch got quicker than in the previous rounds. I turned mine on and you were able to break the same hold on auto-fire with ease. Maybe you were using auto-fire, maybe not.

As for Zbattle, I don’t play Super Nintendo fighting games unless they are exclusive. Why play them when you can play the ACTUAL ARCADE GAME?

And even if we did have 2 people spec the match, it’s still a no win situation for me and Karate. No matter what, we will get bashed for the previous comments on the other thread.

That is why I was trying to leave it alone. Yet, here you are trying to stir it up again, even after YOU were the one who closed the damn thread.

Just to say you can record on kaillera just hold shift and ctrl befor eyou start your game and hold it till it shows the game screen. But before you record make sure you create a inp file or have a file for inp that way It can be saved.

CDL EmuLinker was taken off as far as I know and it doesn’t display that message anymore…

No, it does. I saw it tonight playing someone as a matter of fact and a couple of times in the past few days playing SSF2T. Although, it is new to me that is why I figured it was the server.

I saw for the first time a week ago after not playing on mame32k for a couple of months.

Sometimes the game will desynch without telling you, "so and so player lagged!"
And yesterday afternoon it was doing that a few times(not in defense for fatherbrain or CDL, i’m just stating what happened).

Usually if i get that message, mame freezes but that’s after playing whomever for a good portion of time.

As for fatherbrain’s picture in the first post, I have no clue what the hell is going on with it in correlation to his post. Why is Dee Jay in it?

But anyway… CDL actually USES autofire? but accuses everyone else. Interesting.
I beat your ass and you accuse me of autofire, because YOU use it?

:rofl: GTFO

If he had won, then the screen would have gief in it. I was fighting the computer when i took the pic of the desynch.

I was at the tourny fatherbrain was at he doesent use any autofire stuff or cheat he uses a damn ps1 pad and thats it lol.

this thread is really pointless.

And fatherbrain, you didn’t bring the rape @ the florida tourny anyways :rofl:

:nunchuck: I never said I WOULD bring the rape. But I did do ok in casuals. 10 win streak. :slight_smile:

why even acknowledge the scrubs’ existance

So what was the win - loss record?

Cause in his above post, he seems to think that he won the series between you two.

Maybe he counted the desynch matches? And if so, was it that close that a couple desynched matches put him over you in the win column?

Players can desynch without that message showing up.

As for me, I played a few rounds with CDL one day, we desynched and I just didn’t bother after the times it happened.

I’m glad you accepted it was your mistake last thread, but you shouldn’t use autofire everytime someone does stuff to you, that “you” need autofire to do. Don’t use your own skill to determine what others can and can’t do with autofire unless you have a good understanding of the game’s mechanics. I’m not saying how good or bad you are, but I’m assuming you can’t air throw someone with guile everytime your opponent jumps.

Fatherbrain is too well known to have to prove himself to you, let alone prove himself to someone who uses autofire everytime it “seems” opponent is using it (regardless of whether they are or aren’t) and poor reasoning. You have a good argument, but using autofire for any reason isn’t helping it.

Hey whoever pulls on me because I throw too much is a fuckin’ loser. Quit whining and learn how to counter my throw tactics

even worse is people who say your using autofire cos you can use a crouch jab in your combo. Oh NoEs!!!

Come on people! Stop talking about it. Noone online cheats.

Noone would possibly use the built in auto-fire feature within MAME32K 0.64. Just the very thought of it makes me chuckle!

Macros? Thats preposterous! Why would anyone even think about using a joystick or controller that has programmability? Especially with how brutally simple it is to do those 12 hit air combos in Marvel vs Capcom.


Now, excuse me while I go play YAHOO! CHECKERS…