To sj.fp or to fast fly?

Pretty simple question which I’m sure has been asked a bunch of times…

In what situations should I super jump and FP and in what situation should I super jump and try for the fast fly combo?

ouch, thats pretty bad advice.

you just use the moves where the angle of the attack has the most advantage thats it. For fp, you want them to be above you so you can smack them down. Part of the sent vs sent fight is one sent being above the other because sents move dominate from above. Even though its not much life, you now have the advantage which leads to more life. Easy pressure forces mistakes.

You lk, when something is wiffed for easy punish or you @ the angle it comes out @ which is a downward angle.

its all about the angles of the attack and you base which one is needed upon where the opponent is @. When they’re directly above you, lk isn’t going to hit them first and so forth. Common sense.

yeah my bad, i thought he was talking about launch comboes.

i didnt realize he was talking about any time. Fp is very useful. it has mad reach and comes at a good angle