To steal someones dog?

So today i was driving to my parents house with my baby of 6 months. On the way there, only a few blocks from my parents house i saw a beautiful dog chilling on the side of the road. I got to my parents house and dropped some stuff off, let grandpa see the baby, had a cup of coffee and got on my way. I was there maybe an hour or so. When leaving i see the same dog maybe 1/2 mile from where i saw him before, but this time walking in the road. I pull over, and the dog wags his tail, and comes over to me. He was a German mix, and i got out and pat him. He had a collar but no tags. He looked really thin and cold as it was 23 degrees out. I know they have fur, but i don’t know what temperatures dogs can sustain or for how long.
I loaded him up in my car and we drove around for about 40 min and i was knocking on doors. Finally i found the house. The owner is a man in his late 60’s early 70’s with another small dog in the house.
The owner said that the big dog get out and even last month someone picked him up and brought him to the local shelter. I said the dog should probably have a tag on him then, and the man said "Nah, he doesn’t like em"
Between this carelessness of not tagging his dog (even after he got taken to the shelter), leaving him out in 23 degree weather for at LEAST an hour, and the fact he was very skinny, Im seriously considering taking him and keeping him the next time i see him outside 1/2 a mile from home in 20 degree weather.
also the dog didn’t want to leave my car, maybe because he was warm, but he REALLY seemed to like me.

Does this make me a terrible person for considering this?
Morally i’m fine with it, but i’ve gotten a mixed bag of reactions from others. Clearly the shelter knows te condition of the dog and deemed it ok for the owner to take him back, but i question how much the owner cares leaving him out and not even getting him tags.

thoughts? Is it ok to take this dog if i see him out in below freezing weather?

If the guy doesn’t care enough to make sure his dog can’t get out after it’s happened before, then he obviously doesn’t care enough to hunt you down and kill you for stealing his dog

I say go for it, dude’s probably gonna kick the bucket within a decade anyway

If the dog is being mistreated then you should have every right to take it from the owner.

My troll sense isn’t going off on this thread.

Is it wrong to take his dog? Yeah I’d say more so that it is, but honestly if you saw that same dog out again and you’re honestly commited to keeping and taking care of him then go for it. Not like his owner will miss him.

The guy doesn’t give a shit…save the dog if you’re ready for the responsibility. That dog is doomed…

Try asking the POS owner if you can have him. If he says no I bet you could offer him $20 and he would accept.

If that doesn’t work out, just offer the beast your warm car again and he’s yours free of charge!

I actually thought you were considering jacking a pure breed bulldog (apparently is common in my area) or something else. Just take the poor dog if you are gonna give him a better home.

I would highly advise against asking to buy the dog. If it goes missing, even if you didn’t take it, guess who’s suspect number one. The fact that you returned him almost puts you in the clear for when he does “go missing”.

one girl i dated owned a dachshund which she didn’t even bother house training. i helped her with that, and looked up lots of articles on how to do it. she also did not hold her dog properly nor train it not to run up/down stairs and jump up/down couches (dachshunds are prone to spinal injuries). so i helped her with that. THEN i found out she had owned 3 other dogs within the previous two years - also dachshunds, and gave all 3 away because she couldn’t handle the responsibility. if she didn’t care by dog #4, well fuck.

so i dumped her, and eventually convinced her to just give me the dog because she was not fit to be a dog owner. under her care, in the few months i dated her, her dog got diarrhea multiple times and even managed to get giardia. under my care, the dog has not had any problems since.

a little while later, she bought a new dachshund anyway despite clearly not being able to afford it. she’s (surprisingly) had it for two years (multiple times she wanted to give the dog away until i cussed her out and made her cry). however, she has not even gotten it spayed because she has no money. the dog also gets sick often, diarrhea, fleas, bad teeth, and etc, but she can’t afford most of the treatment. i’ve even offered to help pay for it.

so to answer your question, fuck yes you should take that dog, save it from that shitty incompetent owner.

I honestly don’t get what a troll thread means. This actually happened to me today. Last time i asked for advice here people said i was “trolling”. I’m honestly wondering about what to do, as i haven’t been able to get this dog out of my head all day.

I'm considering just going to the guys house with tags and food, and a few hundred bucks and saying, "Either keep your dog inside, put a tag on him when he's out, and feed him better, or i'm calling animal control. Or heres $300 let me have him"

Truth be told, we are not hearing both sides of the story.
Maybe the issue is that the old dude has poorly secure fence for the dog, and is unable to control him due to lack of cash on paying for better security for the dogs.

Just 'cause the dog is skinny, don’t really mean too much harm. Also a dog can survive 23 degree climate, no harm on the dog.

However, I suppose saying that short of funds for the dog is lack of proper responsibility.

Adopt the guy.

A troll thread is basically when someone posts a story that’s fake, or really played upon just to get reactions out of people.

Read my advice in my posts, I honestly would not offer to buy the dog.

What the fuck is this? I don’t want to take care of animals, dogs are pretty enough, but I don’t want the responsibility. Why the fuck can’t adults make the proper decision when it comes to this shit and just not get the animals?

Any pics of this bitch?

here he is

heres a pic of my rescue adoption bitch, she’s such a cutie:

My dog is a member of my family. She’s protected my son from other dogs, ran and got help when my tendon gave out, went down a full flight of stairs head first and slammed my head into the concrete and knocked myself out. I’d shank a mother fucker if anybody tried to take her. And I shank the mother fucker in front of their whole family.


Now, on to your problem. If he can’t even put tags on the dog, and it keeps getting out, fuck him. It would be one thing for him to say “Oh, the tags came off, etc” but to say “Well, he doesn’t wear them because he doesn’t like them” is some straight irresponsible shit.

I agree on not agreeing to buy him. If you intend to take the dog, and you’ve already asked for the dog, you’re gonna look real funny if the dog ends up missing and the guy decides to file a report. If the dog gets out again, and you can give him a better home then it may be something to consider.

**That dog sounds beast, my grandma had two seperate dogs and each of them like saved her life once.

The first dog, if I remember right there was another dog going to attack my grandma and the dog was hooked up to a chain. He snapped the chain and bit the crap out of that dog.

The second dog kinda similar in a way, my grandma got back to her home from a doctors appointment and two dogs came up outta nowhere and this was when she was in the country for a bit, the dog (kinda looks like a wolf version of lassie) fought off both the dogs before they got to my grandma.

My grandma has awesome dogs lol.

As for the OP, if you see that dog outside again keep it, you sound like you care about that dog and will take care of it.**

Ask the owner if he is capable of taking care of the dog anymore or not, from you info he isn’t, but you should ask anyways. If not then ask for the dogs, if he refuses and don’t improve call animal control again and see what goes from there. You want to help the dogs, that’s great and noble but don’t get yourself in (potential) trouble.

Most Dogs are very loyal animal, even their owner doesn’t treat them properly, so if you forcefully take the dog away it might be sad too.

Obviously, I’m a dog lover and while I agree with most about taking the dog in that given situation, I think people here are overlooking one important detail in your post. You have a 6 month old baby and want to bring an adult dog into the household? You don’t know the dog’s history or anything about it or its owner.

I’d pass.

I work for the humane society and see this all the time. Honestly, if the man isnt willing to take proper care and keep his dog confined to his property, the dog needs someone better. If you want the dog, and have the means to take care of it, then you know what you need to do.

This man is clearly not capable of taking care of his animals. I wouldnt adopt out to him, or let him have his animals back if they got out. I’d get a general health check up for the dog too, you dont know what it has had, or hasnt had before, so getting it up to date on shots and medication is a must.