To stick or not to stick...?

Hi all,

New-ish Guy player here, PC gamertag: GuyOnKeyboard, just like the one I used here on SRK

as u can tell, I play Guy, on a computer keyboard (arrow keys plus ASDF as the punches and ZXCV as the kicks), but thinking about getting a arcade stick…

I can do Guy’s link alright on the keyboard, only issue is that 1 frame into… one simply can’t do it consistently which is a real pain online… (even cl.HK, st.HP then st.MP feels easier)

So does getting a stick really makes the game play easier? Opinion from people who tried both types of controller would be greatly appreciated!!

It all depends on people, but essentially, playing Guy on stick is a lot easier than playing him on KB,and I’ve tried both and I play Guy in Alpha on Kb which is far easier than how it is in AE. I’d say go for stick if not there’s always the madcatz pad.

Stick imo.I used to play on keyboard for about a week or two then switched. Plinking helps a LOT with that 1 frame link and I think you will have much easier time doing stuff like TK izuna,fake over head into special,run stop U2 etc.

For me stick feels more fluid overall but as blooddrunk said it really depends on whether you feel comfortable with it or not.

Ah ok thanks, any recommendations of where to get one?

Get a cheap one, Madcatz SE is the best bet since you can simply upgrade parts, unless you plan on buying the top end stick.