To sweep or not to? Come in share some of your safe jump set ups

so far i only know of the sweep then jump in immediately safe jump set up.
i also realize i have been doing this combo instead of going for damage output. >> fireball >> fadc >> sweep >> safejump

should i actually be using this(sweep safejump after fireball fadc) or should i go for damage output which means using again and chaining another srk or tatsu.

It really just depends on the situation,if you can and want to get them to the corner then go for a HK tatsu,if you want just a little breathing room,go for a tatsu.Otherwise you can go for the safe jump set-up.It is really just using your best judgment and deciding what you think is the best choice in each situatuion.
Also,on the topic of tatsus,you should change them according to situation as well,if you end a combo or punish with a LK tatsu (which doesn’t reach at some distances so careful),it puts you in a position where if you immediately throw a LP fireball your opponent is forced to block it,giving you a bit to reposition yourself on screen.If you end with MK tatsu you are left in range for a meaty cr.MK.If you end with HK tatsu you will gain the most ground on stange and land right next to them,so you can go for a throw mixup,or even high/low but it is kind of risky.

Hope this helps.

Depends on the person you’re playing, or the character your playing. Most online player lose to safe-jump automatically, because their last option is block (DP, other invincible move, back-dash, teleport, and oh, now block). So for online purposes, you’ll probably get better results with sweep into safe-jump.

On lower health characters, it may better to go for damage. Safe-jump can also lead to more damage if you mix up empty jump, x-up tatsu, or empty jump dp in there. Depends if they block or not. Bad Dhalsims, for example, teleport or backdash before they block.

And I usually hit-confirm into sweep without meter. When I first started using it, I always had to xx hado xx fadc>sweep, and and have the same startup, so the link with the same timing as the other.